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Public Land Isn’t Our Land?

by David Hart 0

Where he hunts depends on a number of factors, but one thing Land Tawney doesn’t have to worry about is… more »

Declining Sea Duck Populations

Declining Sea Duck Populations Prompts Awareness

by David Hart 1

When Captain Jeff Coates started hunting sea ducks on the big water of Chesapeake Bay back in 1991, he was… more »


Resident Geese: Are There Too Many?

by David Hart 0

A plane crash in New York’s Hudson River in 2009 turned out to be an odd stroke of luck for… more »


California Drought: Waterfowlers Face Bleak Season

by David Hart 1

The prediction of an epic fall flight isn’t bringing much joy to California duck hunters. The state is locked in… more »


What’s the Best Method to Control the Snow Goose Population?

by David Hart 3

It was supposed to be the solution for too many geese and not enough nesting habitat. Biologists hoped electronic callers,… more »


Living on Borrowed Water: Why Duck Production May Eventually Crash

by David Hart 1

These are the seasons we tell our grandchildren about. Eleven million mallards descended on fields and marshes throughout North America… more »


Alien Invasion: Is the Eradication of Certain Non-Native Plants Hurting Duck Populations?

by David Hart 0

When Jon Hart heads to one of his favorite lakes for a morning hunt, he knows exactly where to toss… more »


Green Against Greenheads: The USFWS’s Migratory Bird Management & Renewable Energy

by David Hart 2

An internal memo sent to employees of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Region 8 office touched off alarms throughout… more »


Federal Duck Stamp Fee Set To Increase

by David Hart 0

After years of stops and starts, waterfowl conservationists are finally getting their wish: The price of a Federal Migratory Bird… more »


Conservation Corner: How Oil Dependence is Killing Ducks

by David Hart 1

They look like any other body of water from above. Some are tiny ponds in the arid southwest. Others are… more »

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