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Conservation Corner: How Oil Dependence is Killing Ducks

by David Hart 1

They look like any other body of water from above. Some are tiny ponds in the arid southwest. Others are… more »


Read & React: Are Duck Migration Patterns Changing?

by David Hart 2

Waterfowl hunters love conspiracy theories. “How else can you explain the growing number of hunters who insist ducks are migrating… more »


3 Midwest States to Offer New Experimental Teal Season in 2014

by Charlie Puckett 0

Midwestern waterfowlers looking to scratch their early-season teal itch in Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa will be able to do so… more »


Should We Revise Baiting Regulations?

by David Hart 1

Most duck hunting rules are pretty simple; no shooting after sunset, your shotgun can’t hold more than three shells and… more »


Why Targeting Banded Birds is Bad for Conservation

by David Hart 1

Killing banded birds isn’t just a bonus for some hunters. Some take band collecting to the extreme, specifically scouting for… more »


Read & React: Senate Bill to Raise the Price of Duck Stamp

by Kyle Wintersteen 5

In 1991, the average price for a gallon of gas was $1.23; a gallon of milk was just $2.36; and… more »


How the Western Drought is Affecting Waterfowl Habitat Conservation

by David Hart 0

When the first waves of ducks arrived at Lower Klamath Basin NWR in September, they were met by an unfamiliar… more »


U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Releases 2013 Duck Numbers

by Wildfowl Online Staff 0

So you’ve been thinking about starting your own Duck Dynasty? It’s a wonderful time to be a waterfowler. Turns out,… more »


Killing Them Softly: How Wind Turbines Affect Waterfowl Nesting

by David Hart 8

Green energy may be good for the environment, but a growing number of scientists are concerned it may not be… more »


Biggest Threats to Duck Populations in 2013

by Kyle Wintersteen 0

For the second straight year in 2012, the waterfowl population hit an all-time high. But don’t be fooled. Threats quietly… more »

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