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Duck Hunting Peru: The Latitude of Plentitude

by Ramsey Russell 0

It’s a fact we learned in kindergarten: water runs downhill. It collects in low-lying areas, forming wetlands. Generally speaking, it… more »


Is Argentina the Ultimate Duck Hunting Heaven?

by Skip Knowles 2

It was proving a bumpy start to a dream trip, thanks to Kenny Rogers and Castillian Spanish. The short, perky… more »


Duck Hunting with the Cleveland Browns

by Joe Genzel 0

Jim McConville doesn’t work ducks—he works for ducks. On a crisp September morning, McConville, the National Sales Manager for WILDFOWL,… more »


Mass Flocking in Saskatchewan Creates Wetlands Wonderland

by Brad Fenson 0

A huge flight of fattened mallards headed towards our small spot of wetland on their way back from one of… more »

Jim McConville, Alex Mack, and Joe Thomas show off some nice birds.

NFL Pro Bowlers Slay Ducks with Wildfowl

by Skip Knowles 0

When the training, performance and business commitments of being a NFL lineman dictate that you only get a couple of… more »


Rough Rocks, Tough Ducks: Hunting East Coast Eiders

by Paul Wait 0

Eiders pose a unique duck hunting challenge on Maine’s coast


Brant Geese Hunting East and West

by Gary Kramer 0

Tidewater hunting traditions remain strong on both coasts for Brant geese.


Black Brant Hunting in Baja California, Mexico

by Gayne C. Young 0

Mexico’s Bay of 11,000 Virgins brims with black brant.


Adventure: Hunting Alaska’s Harlequin Ducks and Barrow’s Goldeneyes

by David Rearick 0

Alaskan seas give up trophy harlequin ducks and goldeneyes.


The Kid in the Duck Blind

by Ty Peterson 2

Same river, same spot, different role.

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