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Is Argentina the Ultimate Duck Hunting Heaven?

by Skip Knowles 2

It was proving a bumpy start to a dream trip, thanks to Kenny Rogers and Castillian Spanish. The short, perky… more »


Duck Hunting with the Cleveland Browns

by Joe Genzel 0

Jim McConville doesn’t work ducks—he works for ducks. On a crisp September morning, McConville, the National Sales Manager for WILDFOWL,… more »


Mass Flocking in Saskatchewan Creates Wetlands Wonderland

by Brad Fenson 0

A huge flight of fattened mallards headed towards our small spot of wetland on their way back from one of… more »

Jim McConville, Alex Mack, and Joe Thomas show off some nice birds.

NFL Pro Bowlers Slay Ducks with Wildfowl

by Skip Knowles 0

When the training, performance and business commitments of being a NFL lineman dictate that you only get a couple of… more »


Rough Rocks, Tough Ducks: Hunting East Coast Eiders

by Paul Wait 0

Eiders pose a unique duck hunting challenge on Maine’s coast


Brant Geese Hunting East and West

by Gary Kramer 0

Tidewater hunting traditions remain strong on both coasts for Brant geese.


Black Brant Hunting in Baja California, Mexico

by Gayne C. Young 0

Mexico’s Bay of 11,000 Virgins brims with black brant.


Adventure: Hunting Alaska’s Harlequin Ducks and Barrow’s Goldeneyes

by David Rearick 0

Alaskan seas give up trophy harlequin ducks and goldeneyes.


The Kid in the Duck Blind

by Ty Peterson 2

Same river, same spot, different role.


Three Surefire Tactics For Refuge Mallard Hunting

by David Rearick 0

Hunting refuge mallards can take many forms. Hunters targeting them just outside of the boundary lines using their flight paths, in fields and in remote water all can be very successful.

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