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Three Surefire Tactics For Refuge Mallard Hunting

by David Rearick 0

Hunting refuge mallards can take many forms. Hunters targeting them just outside of the boundary lines using their flight paths, in fields and in remote water all can be very successful.


Hunting Great Lakes Geese

by David Rearick 0

Hunters decoy loafing giant Canadas over big water.


Hunting Tundra Swans In The Tar Heel State

by Ron Peach 1

60,000 tundra swans migrate to North Carolina.


Hunting Lake Michigan’s Long-Tailed Ducks

by Paul Wait 0

Cold November waters on a bouncy 18-foot walleye boat made the perfect setting for an unforgettable oldsquaw hunt.


Graylag Geese in Iceland

by Gary Kramer 0

Iceland provides a major staging area for graylag and pink-footed geese.


Green Tımber Duck Hunting In Arkansas

by Paul Wait 0

Two days looking up at fluttering gadwalls and backpedaling mallards.


Alberta Waterfowl Hunting

by Brad Fenson 0

Alberta offers more than 5 million acres of public hunting


Near Duck Hunting Tragedy on the Pend Oreille River

by Gary March 0

Thin ice and bitter conditions endanger a devoted waterfowl hunter and his trusty hunting companion


Snow Goose Central

by Jack Hirt 0

In pursuit of the wild one on the Canadian prairies


Waterfowl Hunting With The Delta Divas

by Angela Pham 0

20 women gather to hunt ducks and geese in Michigan

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