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How To Finish The Trained Retrieve

by Tom Dokken 0

Editors Note: Part 3 in a Series It has taken two columns to get to this point, but your dog… more »

Photo by Drew Pellman /

‘Force Fetching’ Doesn’t Have To Be Draconian

by Tom Dokken 0

Editor’s Note: Part 2 in a series Last issue I broke down the importance of natural hold and carry, the… more »

When introducing retrieves in cover, toss a dummy two or
three feet into the taller grass and send
the puppy in. Their instinct will be to
pick up the dummy and get out of the
cover, which brings them right back to

Retrievers: How To Develop Natural Pick Up And Carry

by Tom Dokken 0

Nearly all retriever puppies have an inherent desire to pick objects up with their mouth. But only a small percentage… more »

Dogs can overheat quickly
regardless of the temperature in the blind, keep your eyes open for critical first signs like diarrhea. Pale gums and a bright red tongue are additional signs.

How to avoid the dangers of overheating your waterfowling dog

by Tyler Shoberg 0

Dogs can overheat relatively quickly regardless of the temperature in the duck blind. Factors such as age, fitness level, coat… more »


Get Your Dog’s Feet In Shape Right Now!

by Tyler Shoberg 0

Caring for your dog’s feet is a top priority, especially if you own a field dog that may cover miles… more »


Best Retriever Photos of the Year

by Skip Knowles 0

Capturing the beauty of retrievers doing what they do best naturally is an art form. These dogs were born to… more »


Wounded Waterfowl Demand a Steady Dog

by Tom Dokken 0

Most of us think we are dead-eyes with a shotgun, but in waterfowling sometimes we’ll only wing a duck and… more »


What to Look for in a Young Retriever

by Bill Gibson 0

When the day for picking a puppy arrives, I go through four evaluation steps before making my final decision: 1…. more »


Is Your Lab Becoming Less Loyal and More Lonesome?

by Tyler Shoberg 0

Any reputable dog breeder will tell you: great retrievers come from great genes. That’s why they don’t haphazardly mix dogs… more »


What to Do When Your Dog Confronts a Critter

by Tyler Shoberg 0

I wouldn’t wish explosive canine diarrhea on my worst enemy. Thankfully, this episode was taking place outside. We were heading… more »

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