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Retrievers Born To Hunt

by Skip Knowles 0

Maybe it was a smelly old Chessy, or a cute-as-hell white Lab pup that once wrestled your kids and looked… more »


Wounded Waterfowl Demand a Steady Dog

by Tom Dokken 0

Most of us think we are dead-eyes with a shotgun, but in waterfowling sometimes we’ll only wing a duck and… more »


What to Look for in a Young Retriever

by Bill Gibson 0

When the day for picking a puppy arrives, I go through four evaluation steps before making my final decision: 1…. more »


Is Your Lab Becoming Less Loyal and More Lonesome?

by Tyler Shoberg 0

Any reputable dog breeder will tell you: great retrievers come from great genes. That’s why they don’t haphazardly mix dogs… more »


What to Do When Your Dog Confronts a Critter

by Tyler Shoberg 0

I wouldn’t wish explosive canine diarrhea on my worst enemy. Thankfully, this episode was taking place outside. We were heading… more »


What to Do if Your Dog Has a Seizure

by Tyler Shoberg 0

I’ll never forget the 2015 duck opener. After a fruitful morning, my younger dog, Blitz, began whining. I brushed it… more »

Best foods for labrador's

America’s Duck Dog: The Labrador Retriever

by James B. Spencer 0

The Labrador retriever is the most well-known of all the sporting group breeds, so much so that it is commonly… more »

Dog Training with Decoys

Take More Breaks During Off-Season Dog Training

by Tom Dokken 0

Most of the dogs I’ve hunted alongside have always had a good attitude in the blind. But that’s not always… more »

Training a bird dog for the first hunt of the season

How to Prepare Your Bird Dog for the Season

by Tom Dokken 0

If there is one thing I’ve learned in all my years as a professional dog trainer it’s this: plan for… more »

Stoping dog whining

Loudmouth Labs: How to Stop Dog Whining

by Tom Dokken 0

My first experience with a truly vocal duck dog occurred long ago when I was in high school. A good… more »

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