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11 Top Shotguns For Waterfowl Hunting

by John Taylor   |  August 25th, 2011 87

Last year’s (2011) list of new waterfowl shotguns is still driving tons of traffic thanks to our friends at Google. For that round up feel free to read below or, better yet, check out our list of 2012’s newest shotguns.

  • AB bird guy

    By far the most reliable in the field.

  • AB bird guy

    Winchester SX3

  • g nelson

    You all are smoking you know what. The 870 was the best gun made for waterfowl hunting. You get a feel for action rather than just pulling the trigger. Semi autos are unsportsmanlike to use, need to give the birds a chance. + where in the heck did you come up with Mossberg ??? Their terrible guns !!! Before the 870, I used the Model 12 which is a great gun. gsn

    • T

      Spoken like someone who has never given them a try and if they have who never learned to control the impulse to just pump out the shells!

      I have an 870 and it is a good reliable gun, but has been relegated to a backup role by something that is technologically superior.

    • Six-Gun

      C'Mon now, G. I'll never knock a man for using a pump gun. Plentyof birds have gone to the big marsh in the sky at thands of them, ut lets not sit here and pretend like it takes less skill to kill with a semi-auto. Sure, you don't have to cycle the action manually, but you still have to get back on target (they don't magically make recoil go away) and you still have to be able to lead effectively.

      Get your hands on a Benelli (heck any of them: M2, SBE II or Vinci) and I'd bet you won't go back voluntarily. They are some of the best shooting, best patterning guns out there. I had an M2 that was stolen while in transit from camo aftermarket camo work and replaced it with a Super Black Eagle II. I can tell you right now that my old Winchester O/U still has a place in my heart, but it's not my first choice any more.

    • RunninBunny

      Ruger Red Label in a duck blind?? Never seen it myself. The same could be said for several others on this list. __ I shoot my limit of ducks day in and day out with either a Mossberg 500 or 870 Super Mag both.( By the way, I have also killed quail, pheasant, deer and turkey with my Mossberg this year I opted for the camo dip on both for the corrosion resistance and love that feature, plus they look cool. I have hunted in the worst of conditions from pouring rain, mud, to sleet and ice and I have never even had to give a second thougght to wheter my gun would function. A gun that fills my bag limit, is easy to disassemble and clean from time to time, and gives me no reliablity problems is a good duck gun. My guns kill limits of ducks just as well as those mentioned here and there are probably more 870s and 500s and 835s in duck blinds than there are these high dollar guns listed here.

      • Runnin Bunny

        The guy should have named this article "the most expensive duck guns that our advertisers are trying to get you to buy" which is what is listed here. Thus, any article claiming to list the top 11 duck guns that fails to list the 870 and 835 is either written buy someone who either honestly doesn't know any better or some gun rag writer trying to boost his rep with the three Bs and whoever else is buying ad space.

    • guest

      Your dumb as hell…

    • Goose

      Your idea of " Feel for action" is nothing more than a waste of time when you could be pulling the trigger again. On top of that i would put a mossberg 935 magnum against your 870 any day of the season and watch you cry as you " give the birds a chance". Your " sportsmanlike" way of doing things is for the uneducated, unfunded, or simply ignorant. To state that the 870 is the best gun for waterfowling tells me that someone gave you an 870 and you cant afford to buy a real waterfowl gun… like a 935 magnum :)

    • author good man


    • bass53

      mossberg 500 is a very durable gun.. i sold my 870 after i had to send it back to remington 3 times in 2 years for the same problem remington started cutting corners to remain competitive by using stamped parts in replace for more costly machined ones.. mossberg hasnt altered the design of the 500 which is proven. the 500 wont win any beauty contests.. but it always goes bang.. it also replaced the 870 in the military so that kills your boast that they are poorlymade.. more than i could say for the 870 which failed on me three times two many.. the reason its all semis for the most part is.. your shooting steel.. which means HIGH VELOCITY!! 31/2 inch super magnums .. shoot that out of a pump 10 to 15 times an the semi.. is the only game in town unless your a masochist .. my friend has the sbe2 an the 31/2 shells.. feel like a 2 3/4 field load

    • john

      you are crazy

    • Bob

      I have a moss berg 500 in 20ga and that thing is like the AK of shotguns. Never had any problems with it, idk about their semi auto's though.

    • Joe

      Where bib you learn how to spell they're?

  • troy

    sounds like a person who has never hunted professionally ! and someone jealous who cant afford a thousand dollar gun ! stick with your 250.00 thunderstick and the real hunters will prevail with the autoloader ! there are 3 guns we see in the blinds benelli, beretta, and browning/winchester, and that is a fact JACK!

    • Jon

      wow you really brought in money into the conversation, let me guess you are a damn yankee. well just so you know in the state of texas you will find more pumps than anything, plus all the people i hunt with shoot lower class shotguns but have out shoot those with the high class shotguns, remember its not the gun its the shooter.

    • shoehner

      Thats 4 guns jack not 3 and of u can't kill ducks with a pump ur not a hunter anyway. There are many good guns and 870 is one of the best among many

    • Runnin Bunny

      You are a merketing professional's dream. I have a used car if you are interested by the way. You believe the hype and think your ducks either are deader or taste better or soemthing becuase they somehow knew you shot them with a $1000 dollar autoloader?? Oh no wait, they saw it and were so impressed they fell from the sky right? What a joke.

      I have hunted professionally and I have several guns worth over $1000 dolllars, but ehrn I head to the duck blind, its the Mossy 500 or the Remington 870 Super Mag that I take. It's a tool for the job, nothing more.

      I have had clinet's show up with $7,000 Purdy's who couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. It aint the arrow, it's the indian.

    • Aaron

      You've been watching too much duck dynasty hahaha

  • Albert

    I have been using Benelli's since they came out purchased a Vinci. Why would they change the safety from back to front of trigger housing. That change really throw my shooting off. Sold it really fast.

    • Ducks everywhere

      I agree I love my Vinci but I hate the safety

  • old school

    not one since pump gun and a bunch of autos that I don't know anyone who carries one. I sure wouldn't call this the top shotguns for waterfowling. 870, 835, super nova, ect were are they?

  • JeffH

    I've been shooting Benelli's since 1989 when I purchased a SBE. Still shoot it today. I p/u a new Vinci in late 2010 for duck season and can say unequivically that it is the simplist, quietest, most solid and smoothest shooting Benelli ever made and the Super Vinci just takes it up another notch. I don't much care for the front safety but if that's the worst complaint on a great gun and the best action in shotguns…I'll live with it. Reliability and great ergonomics are what the Vinci line is and Benelli are all about. Obviously there are some fantastic gas guns now but I'll stick with what I know to be "Simply Perfect" and the Super Vinci is just that.

  • JeffH

    …to add to my post, I shoot 1oz loads out of my Vinci at the skeet range without as much as a hiccup…I do know a lot of guys who shoot pumps and 870's in particular that love them…they're just not for me.

  • Bill Kidder

    odd that you would rate the best (X3) last. Your tests don't mean much

  • A

    Yea where the hell is the NOVA!!! U know the best pump gun ever made. Semi autos aren't just the greatest. I shoot sporting clays next to them all the time and score just as high if not higher. I guess that .25 second advantage really makes a difference lol

    • 870 is the best

      870 is the best pump gun mad. It has ben tested and proven in the marsh.

  • sean s

    it aint technologically superior if you can drop it in the water and the action freezes up (semiauots) when you can break it yourself with a pump. the more complicated a gun is, the more chances is to go wrong no matter how good it is. remington 870, and 887 is king to me. i have a weatherby SA-08 autoloader too but pumps are still my choice. take no chances. and besides, if you can actually shoot a gun youll know that in a good shooters hands a pump is almost as fast as a semi, i can stand side by side on the range and do 3 shots fast as possible with a 870 with a friend with an auto loader pullin the trigger as fast as he can and my last shot might be a .2 second behind him

    • sean s

      *break it free yourself

    • Ben

      i shoot autos and ive dropped them in rivers and ponds and pick em up and drain the barrles and they still shoot. ive had almost my whole gun covered in ice and it still functoned. lol i don,t agree or disagree with pump vs autos. shoot what you want but i will defend autos. five years ive hunted with my 11-87. no malfuntions, no failures to feed a shell. ive even used it as a boat padel once when the motor said f u guys.

    • wtfutalkinbout

      can u shoot ten 12 rouunds in 1.44 seconds. i dont think so

    • Scott Koch

      I shoot a Browning pump 10 gauge because my semi auto froze on me. Never will get an auto loader again.

  • Johnnytheboy

    I had a supernova pump and loved it, it did fail on the marsh with a jam up, now have a maxus and its a great gun, wouldnt say it cycles faultless but it has never let me down with a bird in its view and big carts loaded, plenty time yet. I am on the look out for a decent wildfowl over and under, my silver pigeon has never let me down and I have put 100 times more carts through that than any other gun. Cynergy wildfowl is about all there is unless there is any other suggestions!!

    • Steve S.

      I have a Ruger Stainless All-Weather o/u with 26" bbl. Shoots 12ga 3". Awesome gun. You can find them used on once in a while. The Cynergy in MODB is awesome but the price tag is killer!

      • Augustina

        Cheers pal. I do appreciate the wrtiing.

  • SneakboxJoe

    its all opinion honestly, any gun from browning, beretta, benelli, or remington are fantastic choices ive shot and or own most of them and honestly if you take care of them they take care of you. knowing your gun is key only gun ive ever seen litterally wear out was my fathers model 500 mossberg, ejector fingers actually wore away to the point they could no longer eject highbrass shells they would stick in the chamber, this took 30 seasons of duck hunting and skeet shooting mind you, oh yeah and it cost 120 new and was the only 3 inch capable gun with screw in chokes at the time. but we are quick to knock mossberg they invented 3 inch shells 3 and 1/2 inch chambers oh and the screw in chokes we all love so much today, they are innovators who bring an affordable product to the market place truth is i can buy 5 of them to any 1 of the 3 big guys autoloaders, honestly clean your gun and practice youd be singing a different tune at the end of the day. And if your like me and shoot a remington 11-87 most of the time do yourself a favor carry an extra gas ring instead of calling the gun junk its a 3 dollar part that can save your day. Bang for the buck i vote remington, simplist design and operating system of all time is the auto 5 number two is the benelli design, i give beretta the edge in gas systems i feel theirs are far superior, the vinvi design is genius no return spring or stock nut in the stock which us waterfowlers tend to sit in water ALOT, the maxus is a nice gun that is more affordable then the beretta benelli route and is a great choice great improvement over the browning gold which i own and is a fantastic gun itself. To me though its all about fit finish and the way the gun points for me as an individual and the overal feel weight balance etc. Buy what you can afford that feels good in your hands and stick with those 4 brands you cant go wrong. As for the guy looking for a double i highly reccomend looking for a used citori waterfowl gun cant go wrong there. Happy shooting boys and remember its not about the gun its always the shooter

    • Ben

      Ive been shooting a 11-87 for five years now. it is always been reliable lol i own four diff ones and they always perform. they are solid guns and everyone forgets about remington. the new versamax is on par with the new benneli if not above it. my brother shoots a beretta extrema. i have a sx3, versamax, and a sp 10 . i do not use a benneli but thats just me everyone is diff. the autos seem good just my buddies supernova pumps keep messeing up at the wrong time. like high brass getting stuck. anyway it's not the gun its the shooter. shoot what you want to shoot. doesnt matter as long as you shoot it good.

    • C.Hipp

      Not trying to put down pump guns, (I own 3), in the heat of shooting a big group, a good wing shooter will make the first shot as good as the third. I think the 3 1/2" semi auto guns of today are a very good choice. If you are a pump gun guy that is great, I was for 2 years. Good semi guns are the main stay of water fowl arms for a long time to come. Think of crippling a bird or finishing it off with a back up round. It's about being a responsible and humane hunter. Just my opinion…

  • Trevor Draves

    Browning Maxus……. best gun out there. Haven't had one malfunction after almost 3 years of rough usage. I've killed about 20+ ducks and 10 or more geese with it and can't wait til this season!

    • bign

      in 3 years you've only killed 20 ducks and 10 geese?

  • duck killer

    I have an 887 beretta xtrema 2 and a super vinci the best is the beretta and the 887 the newer version of the time tested 870 is ALWAYS in the truck altho my beretta has not let me down yet. sold the super vinci shot super high

  • Austin

    I have a ducks unlimited sx2 which i have had no problems with however my 870 is always with to. Also I will never go back to a benelli SBE tho always jammed never cycled when it was cold out hated it.

  • Steve S.

    I learned on a Benelli Nova pump, then a SBE, now a SBE II. I think pumps teach you patience and skill. Going straight to an auto-loader can lead to quick, ill-taken shots.

  • Steve S.

    I shot the Versa Max at a Remington Exhibition. Very nice gun. Kinda chunky/blocky and reminds me of the Browing Gold 12ga Auto I have. Well-balanced. Really soft shooting. May consider one in the future.

  • Darren

    Call me crazy but i thought this was about the 11 best WATERFOWL shotguns so who cares what your choice will do at the range. I am an FFL dealer, competition skeet/trap shooter, competition pistol shooter, avid outdoorsman and either own or have shot all the above mentioned guns. Do yourself a favor and carry whatever gun you can perform with.

  • Darren

    I fell head first into the world of duck hunting about 15 years ago (before I became a dealer) and had to have the Benelli SBE to shoot them 3.5 inch magnum steel shells. We all know when it came out it was the "go-to" duck gun and boy would my hunting buddies be jealous. I was gonna put the smack down on some ducks and geese. Well, on a hunting trip in eastern NC, a good friend of mine from Cedar Island NC taught me a valuable lesson about "waterfowl guns".

  • Darren

    After 3 days in the blind he managed to harvest 3 to 1 more ducks than myself. Shooting a worn out looking, rusty A5 Browning (which he covered with WD 40 prior to leaving out each morning) and using 2&3/4 #4 steel (cheapest he could find) my friend successfully managed to limit out all three days and to my knowledge only missed 1 shot. I myself struggled for 2 days and after 2 boxes of heavy shot 3.5 #5's ($26 per box) and only 2 ducks in my bag I decided to try something else.

  • Darren

    I asked to shoot his gun (which I have used an A5 for quail hunting all my life). Surprise, the next group of blackheads (bluebills or scaup for you dingbatters) that came in I hammered the front two. About 15 minutes later a set of spriggs whistled by (pintail) at about 45 yards and when I pulled the trigger that drake looked like he hit a freakin brick wall! So the moral of my story should be obvious. Whether you are at the range, in a blind or just plinking around, use the gun that you can hit your target with. It doesnt matter what name brand gun you have nor how much it cost, if you hit what you are shooting at that is all that matters. I have seen many many hunters that had to cook thier $1000 firearm for dinner (including myself) and watch their buddy throw his $125 Walmart special in the corner so he could go feast on his harvest. All that being said, good luck to all and remember if you take a kid hunting you can feed him for a day but if you teach a kid to hunt you feed him for a lifetime.

  • David J. Dill

    This summer my wife bought me the Stoeger 3500 as a backup for my SX2. Out of the box I shot a 25 at my trap league. Now I've been shooting it like crazy in the duck blind and goose pit and have been greatly impressed! I heard that Benelli did the engineering for Stoeger (Benelli owns Stoeger) in order for them to have winner of a gun. They needed a winner after the Model 2000 fiasco. I'll be curious to see if it stands the test of time and use/abuse. I think it will.

  • Ted parley

    I agree with hunting with what you can shoot, however. I shot a remington 870 supermag since 2007 and have liked it just fine, however, it just got stolen out of my shed, so I am looking at reviews of what people like and recomend so I can make an educated purchas. so thanks for your input.

    • guest

      Dont leave your gun in a shed. ass.

  • Mike

    I am new to duck hunting but my dad has an 870 and he loves it. I recently went hunting with a buddy and he uses his fathers' Benelli Vinci, but I'm in the market for an affordable but reliable waterfowl shotgun. My price range is from $500-$1100.

  • Scott R. Jaxon

    Remington 870, Woot Woot

  • P 870.

    I'v got an 870 waterfowl and a reg 835, yes they kick like mule's, but damn if they don't take the abuse like a mule too, keep paying 1800$ for a gun and I'll keep killing ducks.

  • Devin

    The super vinci is by far one of my favorite guns. I just purchased it and it's great. I can depend on the gun to operate in the field. I definitely recommend this gun. It might not be the "best" gun, but it is in the top 10 at least.

  • Craig

    I have been using the Franchi I-12 for the past 4 years and I will say that the gun has never failed. I have never once jammed and shoots great. Love the gun and would buy another

  • R.Lusby

    Winchester SX3 is the best! Had it two years and never had a problem out of it.

  • Blake

    I got a browning silver an my dad has a browning gold and one of our hunting partners has a Maxxus there are 4 more people hunt with us one has a stoeger 3500 and 2 of them has a super black eagle 2 and one has a sx3 and day after day the 3 brownings out shoot and have less problems then any other gun. But by far the most reliable gun I have for duck hunting or any hunting is my 870 express super magnum

  • skipper

    most of the new autos are great, as are most of these comments. What nobody seems to mention is that one of the big reasons to shoo an autoloader is simply the softer recoil. New duck loads like Remington Hypersonic make steel shot much more effective than in the past, but these loads also kick like hell, and the gas operated semi-autos (especially the newest beretta with kickoff) hugely remedy that recoil (benellis with their inertia action, not as much). I grew up a pump gunner and do not consider pumps a handicap in any way. But the new autos are lighter and kick much less for better folo up shots and more comfort.

  • Drew

    Question for all….a family friend of mine who is 15 just started duck hunting. He wants his own shotgun now. Do you think he is too young to own one…he has a younger brother at home and i'm worried of potential problems…please reply to this comment so i can read it

    • Matt

      Drew, I got my first shotgun when I was 7 years old (40 years old now). I was not allowed to touch it without my father's supervision and it included a heavy dose of instruction (that continues to this day whenever we hunt together). With proper supervision, instruction and safety measures, owning a firearm can teach a young person a great deal of responsibility and care in other areas of life. Possessing something that can seriously maim or kill is a tremendous responsibility and deserves an equal amount of care. For me, the responsibility of owning and using a firearm translated to taking great care as a young driver. The lessons I learned about properly caring for a firearm, using it with discretion and caution, lead to treating my car and driving with the same respect. Ultimately it's going to depend on the maturity of the 15 year old and the amount of time an experienced adult is willing to spend educating him.

  • Runnin Bunny

    Any article that claims to list the top 11 Waterfowl guns and does not include the 870 Supermag and the Mossbereg 835 is just nonsense. More gunwriters selling out to the company who buys the msot ad space I guess. It truly does a disservice to uninformed readers however who are looking for real information.

    • P. Diddy

      You are right. I was going to subscribe to thsi mag, but with articles (or should I say ads) like this perhaps I had better just save my money.

  • Charlie Boyd

    I shot a 870 for years 30 years ago and then it was stolen from my truck. Bought a Browning BPS. LIke the 870 much better. It just feels like a natural and its frugal but adequate. I bought a Reminton 1100 decades ago ad it woulkdn't eject. Hence, I went to the pump. Understand the autos are much more dependable now. The
    Browning Sweet 16 gold trigger is probably my favorite for quail

  • Dustin

    LOL, I love the argument about Rem 870, or Benelli, blah blah.
    I've hunted all my life and used everything from a single shot break to the Benelli semi autos. They all have their place in the field and my favorite has always been the Remington 870 supermag and prior but similar models. Not because pumps "give the bird a chance" as I can put out 3 shots not as fast but close to well placed thought out semi auto shots. But the Rem 870 line is durable and accurate. Always been the most reliable shotgun in my OPINION. But it's just that.

  • Gerry Robertson

    Gerry Robertson

    I have duck hunted most of my life and seen many different shotguns used for duck shooting. All anyone needs is a gun that is reliable in the snow and muddy conditions that come with duck hunting and they range from $300
    and up. These so called peaple that brag about useing expensive guns have forgot the real meaning of being out there and that is to enjoy nature and friends and for the rest that brag about being a proffesional come talk
    when you have had the honour of taking wild buffalo,elk,moose,mountain goat,big horn and the list goes on.I really dont care about all that just good friends and good times. 1 more thing for the braggers try taking a flying duck with a pellet son did that so top that braggers.

  • tim hanthorn

    870 is a great! gun dnt git me wrong i own one but to say its better then the benelli the benelli shoots faster its lighter has less recoil witch makes it a hell of a lot more on target FASTER,LIGHTER,LESS RECOIL ALL THOSE THINGS MATTER WENE U ONLY GOT 2 SECOUNDS TO SHOOT SEVERAL DUCKs UVE NEVER BEEN DUCK HUNTIN IF U DNT AGREE.

  • SJR

    I shoot one a Vinci's and while I like the simplicity of the design with the inline system, easy takedown and cleaning, the fact is that any inertia driven system will kick the fool out of you with heavy loads. Trust me I know because this is my gun. My son shoots a Browning Silver gas operated system and it kicks much less. My other son shoots a Franchi I 12 ( similar type recoil system as Vinci) and same deal as it kicks like a mule. I leave the field with a headache if there is a lot of shooting. Bottom line is any gas operated gun will kick less because some of the recoil is absorbed by the heavier weight of the gas system and the double shock of the recoil. Read Chuck Hawks if you have any question.

  • Jerrod Darby

    I'm actually trying to get into waterfowl hunting. I dont know ANYTHING about the sport. All I have for shotgun is a mossberg 500a for turkey. Would it hurt to invest in a dog as well? Any help from you guys would rock. I'm moving to the Charleston, South Carolina area so hopefully I can find some decent spots for all around hunting but like I said I am not even a beginner at waterfowl because I've never done that kind of hunting.

    Jerrod D.

  • WATERFOWL hunter23

    everyone here is saying that benelli and beretta are so good the are cheap made guns that sell for a high amount so the company can mass produce them on the other hand everyone likes them cause there shit ass plastic that makes them light… guys want a real gun you get any type of browning…Browning shotguns are the most versatile best made guns in the world. they are made for a working man…there backboar sysstem makes so the reciever of the gun isnt hiting /rubbing against the pin inside of it….the benelli and beretta and most of your others will do that.the browning shotguns are the best because they arent massed produced and made with cheap parts like all the other brands….

    • Tom

      You’re an idiot. Invest in a dictionary.

  • west

    Im 24 right now and I've been shooting my 870 since I was 12. All I know is my gun has been through some rough terrain and under water several times a day. I have never had a problem with it and I prefer it over my 1187 because the pump makes me slow down my shots. I think mostly its the person not the gun that matters because my brother and dad shoot benelli's and we all do about the same. All I'm saying is why spend money on a $1000 gun when the 870 is so reliable and affordable.

  • steven

    my buddy shots a 870 and all he does is watch me drop birds like rain from the sky. The gun is good but the action time on that gun is super slow.

  • the big bird killer

    lol who cares what guy u have its all about getting out and injoying the thrill of the hunt and being outdoors

  • Effin Jonesy

    To the cheap guy,,buy a semi

  • Tim

    I mostly hunt ducks and mostly over decoy spreads. I do some upland game hunting as well. I have my eyes on a Benelli M2, however, I can't decide on a 26" or a 28" barrel. Does anyone have any advice? I would appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

  • Effin Jonesy

    i'd Get the 28 inch barrel, 26 is good but theres nothing like putting a little more velocity against them. Especially when you get those long shots. I have a 26, 28, and 22 inch barrels for my 1300 and i can say you can def see. The tightness at distance staying tighter with the 28. We have board shoots on my property almost weekly.28 all the way there good buddy. Even though its only a 2 inch difference, you wana be dialed in for what your hunting for and if its ducks you need the distance.

  • Kaleb

    The Winchester sx3 should be top 3 one of the best auto loaders ever made

  • DU man

    The Benelli Super Vinci is the best there is. It is extremely reliable and almost never jams. Best waterfouling gun so far.

    • Effin Jonesy

      Most people cant afford a benelli super vinci, i love doubles guns. Get your shot up

      • Effin Jonesy

        No disrespect but dammnit give the bird a chance,,,,,,shoot consistant double birds and wait for the next group. Remember brother waterfowl and ducks unlimited preserve and selectively

        • Effin Jonesy

          Its a very reliable gun though i agree lol

  • Shane

    Sa 08 is by far the best gun I've owned it's smooth and reliable

    • Chris

      I agree with u I've had mine for two years now and it has stood up to all my expectations.. This is the best shotgun I've ever owned and I have put it thru sum stuff between duck season and turkey season..

  • steve

    i have shot the sx3 all season without 1 failure. i have dropped it in the lake, drained it and run shells thru it with no problem at all. can't say that about the inertia semi autos i have owned in the past. i have also killed many geese and ducks with a red label for the last 14 years and never had 1 problem with it

  • brian

    The Browning A5 is by far the best

  • Jed Clampett

    I use a Winchester 1500 XTR that I bought in1982. Best pointing shotgun I ever shouldered. I use it for Duck, Pheasent, Quail and Trap. Like any other gun, once you get acustomed to it and know how it shoots, it's hard to switch. It comes down to the individual. Whatever works best is the best.
    I also have a Beretta SX 686 X Trap gun. It's a beautiful, well made shotgun, but, it just doesn't fit me the way my 1500 does.

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