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22 Must-Know Duck and Goose Calls

by P.J. Reilly   |  August 4th, 2011 16

Hunkering down in a layout blind in a cut cornfield or hugging a tree while standing waist deep in flooded timber isn’t nearly as much fun without blowing through a piece of wood, acrylic or some other material to imitate the quacks, honks, whistles and squeals of web-footed birds. Here are some of the hottest duck and goose calls available to waterfowlers today.


  • Gary N. Michael

    Quite possibly the finest and most realistic goose call ever made. Bar none.

  • thad

    isn't jeff foiles accused of several game law violations in the united states and canada?

  • troy

    got it from the horses mouth , just cause he was accused dont mean all you hear is true , there were a couple misdemeaner accounts , jeff is a standout guy , if you call him he can tell you facts from fiction , and he will

    • Jon

      just like all lawyers tell the truth right? the guy had everything a man could dream for and 22 counts later he is bunked up with bubba.

  • dogman

    23 Felony counts. I'm sure he's a "great" guy. I wouldn't buy anything with his name on it. Thats just me.

  • ET2Brut

    He will get jail time that's for sure and of course Canada will nail him also.. He's a great guy and just got carried away while videoing.. Sorry for these comments on the Call section..

  • Tim G. Anders

    ———— Sorry BGB Calls————-

    Hunters wake up! –

    If for some unknown reason Mr. Foiles is not convicted for his alleged crimes – at least you must admit his ethics are non-existant and he does the waterfowl community nothing but harm. Why would you want to wear a shirt or blow a call with the Foiles name anywhere? Doesn't that say, " I support Jeff foiles and his migrators destroying our duck hunting future. What does that brand stand for? I sure hope I do not see his face on another add in the Delta or Ducks Unlimited magazines – IMO he is the exact opposite of both those two organizations…… -When did killing everything you can, and such a disrespect for the resource become the norm? And many of the younger hunters think his videos are cool and that is real hunting. What's next Tournament Duck Hunting?

    • Kodee

      I'm new to the sport and i thought he was pretty cool till i found out about this i wont own anything of his EVER! I hope they fry his @$$

  • Jim Staupe

    JF- new call – Crime Scene – Ironic? or just a bad taste in your mouth again.

  • CanardNoir

    Is this some sort of joke? "…the Crime Scene from Foiles Migrators short-reed goose call…" Kinda in-your-face, isn't it?

    This now-convicted criminal violator is going to do 13 months at Club Fed, pay at least $100k in fines, and not be able to hunt for three (3) years for numerous federal waterfowl violations! Assuming a felon still can't own a firearm when he gets out, he'll not ever hunt again!

    Why give a convicted wildlife violator any free ink?

  • Bobby
  • Pivel

    I find it strange that Tim Grounds, GK Calls, Buck Gardner, RNT, Echo, C&S Custom Calls, Addiction Calls and Ducklander calls to name just a few of some of the best call makers in the world are not on this list.

  • John Minor

    Two sides to every story, would love to hear Jeff's take on it. Hunted with Mike Keller on several occaisions, would NOT tolerate a violator. I will still carry my Migrator proudly. Quack on !

  • Eric Perrin

    Anyone here ever heard of Chain Cai goose calls made by Mr Mervis Saltzman. The best there is and ever will be for specks.

  • Rick

    Foiles Migrators Crime Scene

    His calls are Aptly named: Crime scene

    Won't buy his products and Wildfowl should remove his products from their magazine and online pages.

    He is a convicted offender. His antics hurt our sport, and I cannot support his business based on what he has done

  • Ray

    He's off to prison!

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