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Hot New Waterfowl Boats & Motors for 2014

by Mark Romanack   |  July 2nd, 2014 1

While you snooze the morning away, waiting on that last greenhead to fill weighty straps of mallards, just remember who brought you here. The boat men of waterfowling are hard at work, developing hulls tough enough to take on the nastiest of submerged stumps.

And the motors? These juiced up engines rip across the marsh, making your favorite fishing boat motor seem more fit for a girly man.

The development of duck boats and engines has risen to a new level. Competition is spurring on some amazing products, new technology and brands, all aimed at getting you to the blind faster and safer. There are more custom rigs, packages that cater to specific hunting locales as opposed to the old production-grade, one-size-fits-all models.

The engines, like all things ‘Murican, are getting bigger, bulging at the seams with horsepower and unique features like full-thrust reverse and gear-driven outdrives. Some mud motors have gone the other route, getting smaller, lighter and less expensive for those solitary hunters who troll the backwaters in a one-man rig.

From skiffs designed for secluded marshes to big water sleds capable of tackling the Great Lakes and open ocean, today’s duck boats and the surface-drive engines powering them are something to behold.

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