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Best Waterfowl Gear and Apparel for this Season

by Wildfowl Online Staff   |  August 28th, 2013 0

When it comes to waterfowling comfort, these are the best of times. Though our sport is steeped in tradition, it has definitely gone high-tech. Nowhere is this more evident than with the weather-turning, insulating togs we wear today. Modern waterfowlers enjoy the warmest, most comfortable, waterproof and breathable attire the sport has ever seen.

Old-timers insist temperatures were colder, rainstorms wetter and snows deeper in their day, but maybe it was because their clothing wasn’t providing the level of protection we take for granted. Heck, waders don’t even spring leaks anymore while trekking through nasty beaver cuttings or briars. And scientifically-designed camo patterns give us an edge over the birds.

Articulated tailoring, multi-panel garment assembly and lighter materials allow us to move and hike without binding. These advancements focus our attention where it should be—on the hunting. Keep away ol’ trench toe in style with our list of the best boots and waders for this waterfowl season.

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