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Best New Waterfowl Blinds and Layouts for 2015

by P.J. Reilly   |  August 26th, 2015 0

A thin line of pink sits low on the horizon as whistling wings overhead tell you they’re coming. Everyone tenses, shrinking their shoulders into their necks, lowering cap bills.

This is it. The time has arrived. The birds do it right, peering into the spread to see only the decoys as they descend into awaiting hell fire. You call the shot and a steady greenhead rain begins to fall. It wasn’t luck. You took the time to dig in, brush up…you did it right, too.


5 Best Ways to Conceal Your Layout Blind

If you want to kill more ducks and geese on your field layout hunts then you need to make sure you're adequately conceal...

Concealment will make or break the hunt, and we have to disappear in a variety of environments—corn stubble, winter wheat, the marsh—wherever the birds take us.

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