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Wildfowl’s Best Mud Motors

by Joe Genzel   |  June 11th, 2012 3

There’s no substitute for skimming  across the water in a real duck boat, complete with a bad-ass mud motor jutting off the transom. Tow that sweet rig past any club and watch tongues wag—the retrievers too!

If you have access to a boat and a high-power mud motor, then you know the benefits: getting to remote locations is easy and blind-hopping can be done with a pull of a cord or press of a button. Sea ducks don’t stand a chance against open-water 25-foot rigs, just to name a few reasons to believe.

A good outboard or long-tail motor can quickly get you to any destination where ducks are flying—unless you hunt a cut cornfield, of course. But if you’re a waterman, here are some of the best motors money can buy.

  • Erica Marine

    This looks like a nice outboard and that it seems like it could stand even the muddy waters. I wonder if you know where I could find outboard motors for sale in Perth? I need something as good as this one for our next boating trip.

  • terry

    Call me at 4794531116. Prodrive dealer. Will ship anywhere.

  • Bianca Manchee

    The pro drive looks like a bad ass mean machine (or motor ). The design and paint work looks cool as well.

    -Bianca Manchee

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