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Two New Duck Waders for Chest-High Comfort

by Tony Peterson 0

I’m on the cusp of my 38th birthday, and quite frankly, I’m sick of being uncomfortable. As a lifelong Minnesota… more »


Pattern Master: Sitka Timber

by Skip Knowles 0

The gentlemen in our group would hear none of getting up at 5 a.m., so we awoke at a leisurely… more »


Best New Waterfowl Apparel For 2017

by David Draper 0

This season’s introduction of camo clothes for waterfowling includes everything from traditional looks and cuts to high-tech camo made with… more »


6 Best Advancements in Waterfowl Clothing

by Wildfowl Online Staff 0

Waterfowlers still love their waxed cotton, and for good reason – the stuff works and wears like iron. However, and… more »


Wildfowl 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

by Wildfowl Online Staff 0

Waterfowlers are probably some of the most demanding hunters around, which also makes us some of the hardest to shop… more »


New Waterfowl Camo & Clothing for 2014

by Patrick Meitin 0

We all miss the days of old when the points system allowed for bigger limits (if you were selective about… more »


Best Waterfowl Gear and Apparel for this Season

by Wildfowl Online Staff 0

When it comes to waterfowling comfort, these are the best of times. Though our sport is steeped in tradition, it… more »

BANDED is set to launch its 2012 waterfowl lineup

Your BANDED: New Tactical Waterfowl Line

by Joe Genzel 1

If you watch Sportsman Channel at all, you’ve probably seen the BANDED commercials. You know, the ones with Chad Belding… more »


Columbia Sportswear Omni-Heat Water Widgeon Parka

by admin 0

Columbia Sportswear offers comfort and function to hunters in the Omni-Heat Water Widgeon Parka.


Cabela’s Super Duty Zipper Waders

by admin 0

Cabela’s Super Duty Zipper Waders are ultra-tough and leak proof.

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