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Best New Waterfowl Decoys for 2015

by M.D. Johnson   |  August 11th, 2015 0

My infatuation with decoys began with dad’s decoy bag, an eclectic mixture of mismatched plastic ducks rigged with olive-drab cord and hand-poured weights that could sink the USS Ronald Reagan.

Today, all have been retired; a few are on display in the mess I call an office. Great times, and even better memories.

Using small decoy spreads for duck hunting

How to Make Small Decoy Spreads Work for You

Its become a common sight come November here in the Midwest. Elsewhere too, I reckon, but I'm most familiar with it right...

Decoys have come a long, long way since pop’s bag of fakes. Modern decoys do everything live birds do, except eat Wonder Bread and poop green.

Movers and shakers, dippers and thrashers are all there with some of the most realistic colors and detailed feather patterns to ever grace plastic.

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