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Top Waterfowl Decoys for 2014

by Kyle Wintersteen   |  August 27th, 2014 0

For some, setting decoys is a chore. What a shame. There is plenty of joy to be found in it: the satisfying smack of a decoy hitting the water; the pleasure of creating a natural scene; and all the pre-dawn optimism that accompanies the ritual. Shooting ducks over my own detailed spread thrills me today as much as it did in adolescence.

Much has changed since then.

There is emphasis on motion, and the decoys you’ll find profiled here are rather mind-blowing in their creativity, engineering and mimicry of real fowl. There are flocked designs, paint that mimics the light absorption of real feathers, foam-filled, durable plastics and more variety and postures than previous generations ever imagined.

The thought of pitching these babies across a favorite slough has us clamoring for duck season.

Spruce up your 2014 spread with any of these decoys.

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