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Hot New Waterfowl Blinds for 2014

by P.J. Reilly   |  August 13th, 2014 0

A flock of honkers chatter away as the leader takes them downwind. It looks like they’re getting out of Dodge. Did they peg you? Just about the time your heart starts to sink, the birds dip their wings to circle back. They stop flapping and bow up, losing altitude quickly. Your blood’s up, every sense heightened. You know what’s about to happen. Is there anything more gratifying?

Being invisible means feeling invincible. Waterfowlers are always looking to improve their hides. We want to be comfortable. We want to stay dry. But mostly, we want to vanish from the spying eyes of ducks and geese. There’s something for everyone—big hunters and small, run-and-gunners and hunters who like to stay put.

Check out the newest blinds for 2014:

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