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New Duck Blinds and Layouts for 2013

by P.J. Reilly   |  August 26th, 2013 0

Back in the 1970s and ‘80s, everyone hunted from fencerows and shore blinds. Ducks and geese that escaped barrages caught on, avoiding those places like the plague. Layouts and boat blinds stormed onto the scene, and waterfowlers took their game to the birds.

We’re turning a corner once again. Layout hunting is still effective for field setups, but, more than ever before, today’s blinds are built to be low-profile hides. Stick up, and you will stick out to incoming flocks.

Stand-up blinds that tuck into those old fencerows and other tall cover are making a comeback. As waterfowling legend Fred Zink says, “The generation of geese that were afraid of those fencerows are long dead. Today’s geese are more afraid of the middle of the field.”

For guys who hunt water, mobile blinds that allow access to preferred duck holes are the hot trend. And once you arrive, the advances in camo netting will keep you hidden. We don’t decide what’s effective—dead ducks and geese do that. Take a look at these new duck blinds for 2013 find the right cover for the upcoming season.

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