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7 New Waterfowl Shotguns for 2018

by Lynn Burkhead 0

In what seems to be a quiet year for new waterfowl shotguns, there were still a few new scatterguns unveiled… more »


Best New Waterfowl Shotguns for 2017

by John Taylor 0

The selection of new waterfowl shotguns for 2017 runs the full spectrum from  Turkish bargains to pricey Italian autoloaders. Those… more »


Rustiest Benelli Ever Still Shoots Like a Dream

by Skip Knowles 0

Shotguns and saltwater don’t mix. WildFowl Editor, Skip Knowles. snapped a shot of this rust-eaten 1998 Benelli Super Black Eagle… more »


New Benelli Shotgun is Perfect for Waterfowlers

by Wildfowl Online Staff 0

Few auto-loaders stand up against the Super Black Eagle, and Benelli’s 3.0 version has all the makings of the greatest… more »


The TriStar Viper G2 Bronze

by Wildfowl Online Staff 0

Waterfowlers looking for a reliable semi-auto shotgun will be excited for TriStar’s new Viper G2 Bronze. With many of the… more »


A Remington to Remember

by Jay Gore 0

Let me tell you about a childhood event that shaped the course of my life. In 1951, I was 10,… more »

The Remington 3200 O/U

Remembering the Remington 3200

by John Taylor 0

In 1932 the Great Depression had the nation in its grip, but with eternal optimism, Remington released its Model 32… more »

best waterfowl shotguns

10 Best Waterfowl Shotguns Ever Made

by David Hart 4

Here’s a look at the best waterfowl shotguns of all time, guns that do what we ask and more. Some… more »


Great New Waterfowl Shotguns for 2015

by John Taylor 0

Great shotguns command a price, and if you’re willing and able to pay, God bless you. But “introductory” guns offer… more »


Gas vs. Inertia: Which Shotgun is Best for You?

by John Taylor 0

Today’s competing operating systems for semi-automatic shotguns are inertia and gas. One relies on recoil the other on the tapped… more »

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