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Excel Boats Shallow Water F4 Series Boats

by Bob Humphrey   |  November 3rd, 2010 0

Excel Boats Shallow Water F4 series boats., with hardened longitudinal ribs and heavy-duty gunwales, are designed to take duck hunters to places previously thought to be inaccessible. The triple-taper chine design produces easier turning and a drier ride. The Duck Back transom, which extends across the back of the boat at the waterline, allows hunters to climb into the boat easily from the water, and provides an ideal vantage point for your retriever during the hunt.

Storage is integrated into the rear seats to keep floor space open to comfortably house hunters, decoys and a retriever. Shallow Water F4 boats are available in 17-foot and 18-foot models, with 72-inch and 76-inch beam options. Each model can handle up to a 70 horsepower motor. Boats are dressed in Natural Gear, Natural Gear Timber or Realtree Max-4 camouflage.

Contact: Excel Boats; (801) 352-8011;

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