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Drake Watefowl Systems Apparel

|  November 3rd, 2010 0

Collection is a limited offering of hunting apparel and accessories offered in Drake’s uniquely branded version of classic “brown camo” worn by our fathers and grandfathers.

Each item blends traditional styling with Drake’s innovation.

The line includes an Early-Season shirt and Eqwader Pullover, Fleece-Lined and Eqwader Jacket, Fleece-Lined Pants, Wading Vest, 4-in-1 Wader Coat and Insulated Bibs, Magnattach Down Coat and Vest and Waterproof Cap.

They honor waterfowling’s roots by offering the garments in the same sizes of other Drake products.

Drake Old School Camo Collection

When Drake entered the youth market, the company committed to doing more than simply offering junior-sized clothing.

The Young Guns program is an Internet-based tool where kids interact with other kids to learn more about waterfowling.

The program is supported by the new Drake Waterfowl Youth line, which includes the Early Season Rain Coat and Pant, Mid-Season Eqwader Pullover, Strata Systems Coat and Fleece-Lined Pant, Waterproof Cap, Windproof Skull Cap and T-Shirt.

All include Drake innovation also found in adult lines, but tailored to fit youngsters.

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