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Hunter’s Specialties Calls

by Tony Zappia   |  November 3rd, 2010 0

The Short Reed Slammer goose call from Hunter’s Specialties plays like a custom acrylic at a fraction of the cost. It produces highly realistic goose sounds including clucks, spits and moans. Notched reed and pegs on the tone board make it easy to tune for excellent volume and sound control. The Slammer features a black barrel with ivory insert and a polished aluminum band. It comes with an instructional CD to help get new callers off to a good start.


The Yeti’s short barrel and exhaust bore allows the air to dump easily when the call is blown, creating a quick-operating call. The Yeti is hand-tuned for a raspier, higher pitch, making it ideal for calling migrating Canada geese. Each call is accented with a polished stainless steel band, and is available in oiled Cocobola wood or in a custom acrylic version with a black pearl barrel and chartreuse insert.

Contact: Hunter’s Specialties; (319) 395-0321;

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