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by Tony Zappia   |  November 3rd, 2010 0

Sean Mann Outdoors Express Double Trouble has been a best seller for years, and now the Express Double Trouble Timber Talkers add to the line.

Left: Sean Mann Express Double Trouble, Right: Sean Mann White Front

Timber Talkers are available in single- and double-reed models. Single reeds are favored by hunters who choose a slightly higher-pitched sound, whereas double reeds produce all of the sounds of a mallard hen with minimal effort.

SMO offers many call models in the Express, Timber Talkers and Double Trouble lines.

The White Front features the Easy-Tune Reed System, which eliminates reed shaving and allows you to field-strip and re-tune the call in seconds. The call produces all of the sounds of the specklebelly goose.

Contact: Sean Mann Outdoors, (800) 345-4539,

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