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Zink Waterfowl Calls

by Ryan Hamre   |  November 3rd, 2010 0

For 2008, the folks at Zink Calls are introducing three new calls to their already extensive line of custom waterfowl calls. Their new Power Hen PH-2 Double Magnum is loud and was designed to be a top performer from top to bottom with enough volume to reach out to the ducks when the wind blows hard.

The two .014 reeds provide the rasp of a real mallard. Zink’s new Power Hen PH-1 Open Water was made for the wide open swamps and marshes. This call will cut through the wind with a ringing high end, and its low end works great when the ducks close the distance. The Open Water’s large and comfortable mouth piece makes calling easy. The Power Speck sounds very realistic and has all the tone ranges needed to produce the yodel and feeding clucks of live White-Fronts. The Traditional design and pure sound makes this call easy to use and very effective.

Contact: Zink Calls, (877) LEG-BAND;

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