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Smith & Wesson 1012

by John M. Taylor   |  November 3rd, 2010 0

Smith & Wesson’s Turkish-made model 1012 semi-auto is chambered for the 3 1/2-inch 12-gauge magnum and 1020 is a 20-gauge. The choices are 26-, 28-, and 30-inch chrome-lined barrels that come standard with five choke tubes and a shim kit to change the drop and cast of the stock to better fit the shooter.

This is an excellent, value-priced semi auto. For youth and lady hunters, Smith & Wesson’s 1020 Youth model has a 24-inch barrel, 12-inch long stock and all the other features. The 1012 uses two easily changed pistons that regulate the bolt speed for light and heavy loads.

CONTACT: Smith & Wesson; (800) 331-0852;

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