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WILDFOWL’s Best Gear & Accessories for Your Next Hunt

by Wildfowl Online Staff   |  September 25th, 2013 1

Tried-and-true methods are still the backbone of our sport, but every edge you gain is one worth having when the migrators get smart and competition for birds ramps up. Today’s manufacturers build products that were once available only to those with the prowess to do it themselves.

Everything from lanyards to electronic hearing protection are available at the click of a mouse. While there is still an appreciation for the finer things, like handmade wooden decoys and a fine double gun, even the most refined of hunters can’t help but ogle over waterproof blind bags and high-end ATVs.

Nothing is more exciting when a new product arrives in the mail. And when it works as planned, the cost is quickly forgotten in favor of its priceless functionality. To that end, here’s some of the best waterfowl gear and accessories that not only make our work easier, but also make us look good doing it.

  • Sven Natural Camo FacePaint

    They forgot about us

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