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Wildfowl Videos


Ducks Unlimited: A Duck Man’s Best Friend

by David Hart

As the waterfowl program leader for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, part of Larry Reynold’s job is to… more »


Wounded Waterfowl Demand a Steady Dog

by Tom Dokken

Most of us think we are dead-eyes with a shotgun, but in waterfowling sometimes we’ll only wing a duck and… more »


Band Tales: Summer in December

by Bob Humphrey

A late December forecast for highs in the 70s almost coaxed Kenneth Mullins to turn off the alarm clock and… more »


Holiday Gifts for the Hardcore Waterfowler

by Joe Genzel

Waterfowlers are probably some of the most demanding hunters around, which also makes us some of the hardest to shop… more »


What to Look for in a Young Retriever

by Bill Gibson

When the day for picking a puppy arrives, I go through four evaluation steps before making my final decision: 1…. more »


Score Big with Small Spreads

by M.D. Johnson

It felt like yesterday that honker season came to an end in southwest Washington. And here we are again, just… more »


Duck Hunting in Deadly Waters

by David Hart

At first, Travis Mueller didn’t think much about the wave that washed over the front of the boat. He was… more »


“Kill that…that…Duck!”

by Brad Fenson

Six mallards swung past the decoys as the sun broke the horizon and two of us put four of them… more »


Is Your Lab Becoming Less Loyal and More Lonesome?

by Tyler Shoberg

Any reputable dog breeder will tell you: great retrievers come from great genes. That’s why they don’t haphazardly mix dogs… more »


Time to Kill: 5 Reasons Why You Should Hunt Crows

by Joe Genzel

Todd Gifford isn’t too interested in dove openers. Sept. 1 is the same day his Minnesota crow season begins. A… more »


What to Do When Your Dog Confronts a Critter

by Tyler Shoberg

I wouldn’t wish explosive canine diarrhea on my worst enemy. Thankfully, this episode was taking place outside. We were heading… more »


A Remington to Remember

by Jay Gore

Let me tell you about a childhood event that shaped the course of my life. In 1951, I was 10,… more »


Missing Mallards Mystery

by David Hart

It’s not that the mallards aren’t showing up anymore. Dave Crolick still sees them from his blind on one of… more »


Simple and Easy DIY Boat Blind

by Mike Marsh

Jim Orth needed a simple blind for hunting Lake St. Clair. A staffing recruiter and outfitter from Michigan, he runs… more »


Seven Secrets to Hunting Sheetwater

by Nate Corley

The whistle of wings announced their approach: a pair of mallards, black against the overcast sky, banking toward the puddle… more »


No Boat? Try These Walk-In Hunting Opportunities

by David Hart

Here are some of our favorite walk-in areas that can really deliver on the ducks if you’re willing to work… more »


What to Do if Your Dog Has a Seizure

by Tyler Shoberg

I’ll never forget the 2015 duck opener. After a fruitful morning, my younger dog, Blitz, began whining. I brushed it… more »


Public Land Isn’t Our Land?

by David Hart

Where he hunts depends on a number of factors, but one thing Land Tawney doesn’t have to worry about is… more »

Best Duck Hunting Tips for Big Rivers

Go-To Strategies for Duck Hunting Big Rivers

by Will Brantley

A good river hunt is the result of a process of scouting, planning and executing the hunt. Each step requires… more »

Best Mallard Hunting Spots

7 Must-Hunt Mallard Meccas

by Brad Fenson

The cool thing about mallards is they can be found and hunt them in just about every state in the… more »