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Introducing the 2016 Benelli Ethos 28-Gauge

by Wildfowl Online Staff   |  January 25th, 2016 0

The hugely successful ETHOS family has added a new member to their already amazing lineup.

Introducing the Benelli ETHOS 28-gauge, an elegant semiautomatic shotgun— the culmination of Benelli’s latest innovations, refinements and design superiority, all centered around the core—Inertia Driven System.

Dianna Muller Ethos 28

While some might doubt the practicality of a 28-gauge, the all-new Fiocchi 3-inch magnum 28-gauge cartridge gives you the same velocity as a standard 2 3/4″ 28-gauge load but with 1/4 oz. more shot.

Benelli has partnered up with Fiocchi Ammunition this year to develop once again another state-of-the-art shotgun for the market, a 3-inch magnum 28-gauge. This cartridge gives you the same velocity as a standard 2 3/4″ 28-gauge load but with 1/4 oz. more shot. This translates into a 25% increase in knockdown power and 20% more pellets on target at 35 yards, giving you that extra edge on late season birds.

Benelli ETHOS 28 gauge shotgun review

The Benelli ETHOS 28-gauge is an elegant gun. A very elegant gun. But behind the beauty lies a beast. A beast of a shotgun that delivers dependability and reliabilty when you need it most. Here Dianna Muller shows off the beautiful Benelli ETHOS 28-gauge and the over-sized bolt release added to this years model.

Shooting with gloves on and worried about the bolt release? Not an issue with the Benelli ETHOS 28-gauge. The gun features an over-sized bolt release that makes loading shells a breeze. And the HIVIZ front sight allows for pin-point accuracy during those low-light conditions.

Dianna Muller Benelli Ethos 28

Dianna Muller, Team Benelli-Captain, demonstrates the effectiveness of the all-new Ethos 28 gauge.

The The Progressive Comfort recoil reduction system is also a fantastic feature for the Benelli ETHOS 28-gauge. Offering superior comfort to the new shooter or older shooter with some shoulder problems. The extra padding offers additional comfort and allows for longer days of shooting.

Offered in a beautiful AA-Grade satin walnut finish, this shotgun is as pretty as it is dependable. MSRP is $2,199.00

Ethos 28 gauge

The Benelli ETHOS 28-gauge was the highlight of the Benelli booth at the 2016 SHOT SHOW.

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