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8 Awesome Ducks Hunts You Can Do Right Now

by Wildfowl Online Staff 0

There are many fine places to hunt waterfowl throughout the Pacific Northwest. Here are a few favorites. 1. Summer Lake,… more »

McCauley Brothers

Spotlight: McCauley Brothers of Habitat Flats

by Joe Genzel 0

There’s a yellow farmhouse, the last stop in Sumner, Missouri, before you drive down a gravely dirt road surrounded by… more »

Gus Bader with TriStar Arms

WILDFOWL Spotlight: Gus Bader of TriStar Arms

by Skip Knowles 0

When I had to pass on a dream luxury volume dove hunt to Argentina with a high-end Italian shotgun manufacturer… more »

Ramsey Russell

Spotlight: Ramsey Russell

by David Hart 0

It’s okay to envy Ramsey Russell. You’re human. You might even wish you could work for him for a few… more »

Field Proven Calls

Spotlight: Field Proven Calls

by David Hart 0

Louisville, Kentucky, isn’t exactly a hotbed of duck and goose hunting. But for two young brothers who didn’t know any… more »

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