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How to Turn Your Duck Dog Into a Pro

by Tom Dokken 0

Professional dog trainers are supposed to have The Secret. Something, anything, that guarantees success many times over in an arena… more »


9 Reasons You’re Not Killing Ducks

by David Hart 0

There you sit, staring at an empty sky and an even emptier duck strap. It may be duck season and… more »

Training a bird dog for the first hunt of the season

How to Prepare Your Bird Dog for the Season

by Tom Dokken 0

If there is one thing I’ve learned in all my years as a professional dog trainer it’s this: plan for… more »


How To Use Motion With Your Waterfowl Decoys

by P.J. Reilly 0

For eons, waterfowlers have been looking for a silver bullet. That one trick guaranteed to convince ducks and geese to… more »


Best Tips for Hunting Canada Geese This Season

by Jerry Thoms 3

For goose hunters, there is no such thing as a nuisance goose population. That would be characterized instead as wondrous… more »


Training Your Retriever For Gunfire

by Tom Dokken 1

There are many aspects of bird-dog training that will offer you a second chance should the first round not go… more »


How to Gain Access to Private Land for Duck Hunting

by Kyle Wintersteen 0

Plump January greenheads poured from the sky in swarms unlike any I had seen in 20 years of waterfowling. Big… more »


5 Ways to Speed Up a Slow Goose Season

by Joe Genzel 0

Our goose field was not as fervent this season as it has been in years past. Like many hunters, we… more »


8 Great Strategies for Duck Hunting

by Tim Campbell 1

Rarely capable of innovation, I typically depend on a keen sense for the obvious when a clever concept stares me… more »


Splendid Specks: How to Decoy Specklebellies

by Brad Fenson 1

Out of the pale morning light came the faint sound of cackling. Quickly, our hunting crew tucked tight into their… more »

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