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Fresh Fowl: Finding the proverbial X in duck hunting can often bring a limit of ducks to the strap. But sometimes, a hunter has to be willing to turn the lights out on a cold spot, striking out in a quest to find some new fowl real estate.

Photo by Lynn Burkhead

Duck Hunting Tactics–Stay On The Move For Success

by Lynn Burkhead 0

Even the best scouted spots can turn cold. When that happens, waterfowlers need to strike out into the unknown to… more »


Motion Decoy Know-How

by Skip Knowles 0

Day 1 Daybreak arrives over a small water puddler setup facing a fickle north wind, conditions cloudy with a little… more »


Deadly Waters: 11 Survival Tactics Waterfowlers Need To Know

by David Hart 0

Drowning and hypothermia are the two deadliest killers of waterfowlers. Here’s what you need to know to survive At first,… more »


New High-tech Ways to Find Waterfowl Hot Spots

by Bob Humphrey 0

Here’s how to find duck hunting hot spots the easy way, with today’s new high-tech mapping links and apps. Every… more »


Time to Kill: 5 Reasons Why You Should Hunt Crows

by Joe Genzel 0

Todd Gifford isn’t too interested in dove openers. Sept. 1 is the same day his Minnesota crow season begins. A… more »


Seven Secrets to Hunting Sheetwater

by Nate Corley 0

The whistle of wings announced their approach: a pair of mallards, black against the overcast sky, banking toward the puddle… more »


No Boat? Try These Walk-In Hunting Opportunities

by David Hart 0

Here are some of our favorite walk-in areas that can really deliver on the ducks if you’re willing to work… more »


What to Do if Your Dog Has a Seizure

by Tyler Shoberg 0

I’ll never forget the 2015 duck opener. After a fruitful morning, my younger dog, Blitz, began whining. I brushed it… more »

Best Duck Hunting Tips for Big Rivers

Go-To Strategies for Duck Hunting Big Rivers

by Will Brantley 0

A good river hunt is the result of a process of scouting, planning and executing the hunt. Each step requires… more »

Best tips for duck hunting small water

7 Top Reasons to Duck Hunt Small Waters

by Tony Peterson 0

I call Minnesota home, which means aside from my jaunts into a few nearby states, the bulk of my waterfowl… more »

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