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5 Ways to Speed Up a Slow Goose Season

by Joe Genzel   |  February 13th, 2013 0

Our goose field was not as fervent this season as it has been in years past. Like many hunters, we spent many mornings staring out at thousands of specks, snows and Canadas from a dreary distance. It wasn’t until the final weeks of the season that the birds—specks in particular—decided to cross some imaginary line and give us a close enough look. After months of frustration and dejection, we finally maneuvered to get a few good shots on the incoming flocks. Even though the season seemed to screech to a halt, there were a few things we did to pick up the pace and improve our chances. Make sure to check out these five great ways to speed up a slow goose season—it could just be the difference between a forgettable and unforgettable hunt.

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