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9 Reasons You’re Not Killing Ducks

by David Hart   |  January 29th, 2014 0

There you sit, staring at an empty sky and an even emptier duck strap. It may be duck season and the Internet may be blazing with red-hot hunting reports and photos of grinning hunters with piles of greenheads, but not you. You’re not killing ducks; the only thing you’re killing is time. Is there anything more frustrating than that?

Some things—like a late migration or the fact that you live in a desert—can’t be fixed. Your only option is to load up the truck and take a road trip to duck country. Other factors, however, fall squarely on your shoulders. Maybe you’re hunting the wrong places, you don’t know your gun, your decoys look like they came from a trailer park yard sale or your calling, well, leaves much to be desired. We won’t even go there. Whatever the reasons, it’s up to you to fix what’s broken.


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