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Best tips for duck hunting small water

7 Top Reasons to Duck Hunt Small Waters

by Tony Peterson 0

I call Minnesota home, which means aside from my jaunts into a few nearby states, the bulk of my waterfowl… more »

Preventing Gunshyness in Dogs

Properly Preventing Gunshyness in Dogs

by James B. Spencer 0

When it comes to gun-proofing, retrieverites have it easier than pointing breed and spaniel owners. Why? First, the nature of… more »

Using V-boards for Duck Hunting

Pro Tips For Using V-Board Decoys

by John Taylor 0

V-boards save space and trim decoy deployment time.

Tips to Remember When Calling Ducks

Calling Ducks: Tips to Remember While in the Blind

by John Taylor 0

When I began trying to call ducks as a boy in the 1950s, about everyone who owned a duck call… more »

Ways to Improve Your Shooting Skills

7 Ways for Improving Your Shooting Skills

by Mark Romanack 0

In the glory days of waterfowling, sportsmen developed shooting skills in the field by firing at wild birds. These days,… more »


Bad Advice: The Worst Waterfowling Tips

by Will Brantley 3

Some of my most valuable duck-hunting lessons have come from experienced hunters who took the time to share their knowledge. Maybe… more »

Training a bird dog for the first hunt of the season

How to Prepare Your Bird Dog for the Season

by Tom Dokken 0

If there is one thing I’ve learned in all my years as a professional dog trainer it’s this: plan for… more »

Using small decoy spreads for duck hunting

How to Make Small Decoy Spreads Work for You

by M.D. Johnson 0

It’s become a common sight come November here in the Midwest. Elsewhere too, I reckon, but I’m most familiar with… more »

Traveling with hunting dogs

Must-Know Tips For Traveling With Hunting Dogs

by Mark Romanack 7

Traveling with hunting dogs is a lot like traveling with your wife. You can expect to take about triple the… more »

Correcting your distracted dog

Teach Your Distracted Dog to Focus on the Hunt

by Tom Dokken 0

A dog is never really finished until it has gone through distraction training. This is especially true for duck dogs… more »

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