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Return of the King: Canvasback Population Rebounding

by Brad Fitzpatrick 4

As dawn broke gray and cold over the Wye River East in Maryland, Jayson Wilt and his 11-year-old son, Dylan, sat in… more »


Skunk Wranglers: Delta Trappers Target Skunks Eating Duck Eggs

by David Hart 1

Every job has its drawbacks, but as a contract trapper for Delta Waterfowl, Brian Poncelet often deals with something few… more »


‘Dead Hens Don’t Lay Eggs': Should Hunters Shoot Female Ducks?

by David Hart 6

In 1989, Delta Waterfowl adopted a program that encouraged hunters to shoot fewer hens, called “Voluntary Restraint.” It came on… more »


Habitat Decline Spurs Waterfowl Protection Programs

by David Hart 1

Last season may have been one to remember, not only because a record number of ducks flew south, but because… more »

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