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Why Geese Make the Best Duck Decoys

by Kyle Wintersteen 3

There is a magic about duck hunting in that we enjoy it as much now as when we were young… more »


Splendid Specks: How to Decoy Specklebellies

by Brad Fenson 1

Out of the pale morning light came the faint sound of cackling. Quickly, our hunting crew tucked tight into their… more »


Decoying Backwaters: Small Set-Ups with Big Payoffs

by Kyle Wintersteen 3

Sunrise revealed the most pathetic spread I’d ever been a part of. More of our bluebill decoys were touching than not,… more »


Easy Snows? Decoying Snow Geese Pays Off

by Brad Fenson 0

When we spotted the barley field for an early-morning shoot the next day, it wasn’t hard to find the birds…. more »


Building the Ideal Waterfowling Flat-Bottom

by Mike Marsh 1

  It’s obvious aluminum boats are the toughest and offer the best utility for building the ideal blind, judging by… more »

Snow goose pile

Early Snow Goose Shoot-Up: How to Decoy Snow Geese

by Skip Knowles 1

Hard to believe a week has passed since we did our part to save the arctic tundra, one load of… more »

Surprisingly, no geese landed on my blacktop spread.

Driveway Decoying

by Joe Genzel 1

My old man stood at the end of the driveway. He would wrench on that goose call for hours, my… more »


10 Christmas Gifts for Waterfowlers

by Joe Genzel 0

How’s that song go? It’s beginning to look a lot like flooded cornfields, ground blinds… OK, we know, it’s Christmas…. more »


19 Waterfowl Decoys You Should Know About

by M.D. Johnson 7

Waterfowlers, be they duck hunters or goose fanatics, are engaged in an ongoing and torrid love affair with waterfowl decoys.


Decoy Transporter

by Brock Norman 0

Carrying around armfuls of decoys is a chore few waterfowlers look forward to, but with the Honker Hauler, the task… more »

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