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10 Surprisingly Affordable Dream Waterfowl Trips

by Skip Knowles 2

Traveling to hunt waterfowl is no longer elitist and many of the best dream trips are surprisingly affordable. One of… more »


Bad Advice: The Worst Waterfowling Tips

by Will Brantley 3

Some of my most valuable duck-hunting lessons have come from experienced hunters who took the time to share their knowledge. Maybe… more »


Why Geese Make the Best Duck Decoys

by Kyle Wintersteen 3

There is a magic about duck hunting in that we enjoy it as much now as when we were young… more »


Stop the Drop: How to Force-Break Your Dog

by James B. Spencer 2

Before going into the history of this training procedure, let me first define it: Force-breaking is a structured procedure by… more »


‘Dead Hens Don’t Lay Eggs': Should Hunters Shoot Female Ducks?

by David Hart 6

In 1989, Delta Waterfowl adopted a program that encouraged hunters to shoot fewer hens, called “Voluntary Restraint.” It came on… more »


Decoying Backwaters: Small Set-Ups with Big Payoffs

by Kyle Wintersteen 3

Sunrise revealed the most pathetic spread I’d ever been a part of. More of our bluebill decoys were touching than not,… more »


Bucks for Ducks: Increasing the Federal Stamp Price

by David Hart 0

It’s been the talk of the waterfowl community for the past 10 years, but this time, it just may happen… more »


Wildfowl’s Best Duck Boats

by Joe Genzel 6

There’s no substitute for skimming  across the water in a real duck boat, complete with a bad-ass mud motor jutting… more »


Wildfowl Review: Waterfowlers Go Mainstream in “Duck Dynasty”

by Skip Knowles 21

If you haven’t seen “Duck Dynasty” yet, smear your face with black paint, strap on a fake beard and tune… more »

Duck hunting

Hot Topic: Climate Change and Duck Season

by David Hart 12

Anyone who was slapping mosquitoes in Stuttgart in late December, wondering what happened to duck season, was hardly alone. Blame… more »

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