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Traveling with hunting dogs

Must-Know Tips For Traveling With Hunting Dogs

by Mark Romanack 7

Traveling with hunting dogs is a lot like traveling with your wife. You can expect to take about triple the… more »


Stop the Drop: How to Force-Break Your Dog

by James B. Spencer 2

Before going into the history of this training procedure, let me first define it: Force-breaking is a structured procedure by… more »


Tune Up That Pup: How to Prepare Your Dog for Hunting Season

by Dylan Polk 1

If your retriever, Ole Magic Marker (hereinafter referred to as “OMM”), has been lying around the homestead since last hunting… more »


British Braggin’ Rights: The Advantages of British Retriever Trials

by James B. Spencer 2

Many retrieverites assume the blind retrieve has always been with us, as if Eve taught Adam to fetch apples, so… more »

Golden retriever

The Midas Touch: Golden Retrievers Make Great Duck Dogs

by James B. Spencer 0

The ideal golden retriever can do just about anything today’s American waterfowl hunter wants his dog to do. He can… more »

Most retrievers are also indoor family pets, so flea and tick control is essential to protect people, too.

Pest Control for Retrievers

by Mark Romanack 0

A few decades ago, the typical hunting dog lived outside in a kennel environment. Modern hunting dogs spend most of… more »

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