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Easier Close-Range Gunning with Federal Loads

by L.P. Brezny 0

Sunrise over a western South Dakota stock dam can be a gamble for shooting puddle ducks. It’s tough working birds… more »


Top Waterfowl Shotguns for 2012

by Skip Knowles 12

While the “year of the duck” became the year of hard luck for many fowlers in parts of the country… more »


Big Funding Cuts to Hurt Duck Production

by David Hart 4

Congress is in a cutting mood and wetlands are on the chopping block. Facing a bleak economy, mounting debt and… more »

Lead shot

Lead Shot Still Controversial 20 Years Later

by Angela Pham 10

For 20 years now, lead shot hasn’t legally left the barrel of a shotgun pointed at a duck or goose… more »

The passing, overhead shot is a common situation most waterfowlers face during the hunting season. Off-season practice and hard focus will help you connect on these difficult shots.

Connecting On Incoming and Overhead Shots

by Nick Sisley 0

by Nick Sisley Here comes a goose — straight in. It is pretty high. The honker could pass right overhead,… more »

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