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Bad Advice: The Worst Waterfowling Tips

by Will Brantley 3

Some of my most valuable duck-hunting lessons have come from experienced hunters who took the time to share their knowledge. Maybe… more »


Splendid Specks: How to Decoy Specklebellies

by Brad Fenson 1

Out of the pale morning light came the faint sound of cackling. Quickly, our hunting crew tucked tight into their… more »


Tune Up That Pup: How to Prepare Your Dog for Hunting Season

by Dylan Polk 1

If your retriever, Ole Magic Marker (hereinafter referred to as “OMM”), has been lying around the homestead since last hunting… more »


Decoying Backwaters: Small Set-Ups with Big Payoffs

by Kyle Wintersteen 3

Sunrise revealed the most pathetic spread I’d ever been a part of. More of our bluebill decoys were touching than not,… more »


British Braggin’ Rights: The Advantages of British Retriever Trials

by James B. Spencer 2

Many retrieverites assume the blind retrieve has always been with us, as if Eve taught Adam to fetch apples, so… more »


Easy Snows? Decoying Snow Geese Pays Off

by Brad Fenson 0

When we spotted the barley field for an early-morning shoot the next day, it wasn’t hard to find the birds…. more »

Foxpro Wildfire

Introducing the Foxpro Wildfire

by Dylan Polk 1

With an upgraded remote, enhanced volume and a wide variety of sounds, the latest model from Foxpro has plenty to… more »


Tactics For Hunting Urban Waterfowl

by Joe Shead 2

I tiptoed as I carried my camouflage canoe from the back of my pickup to the water’s edge. I wasn’t… more »


Keep it Quiet For Public Land Duck Hunting

by Will Brantley 10

So you’ve done your scouting and found a hidden honeyhole crawling with ducks. It’s tempting to call three or four… more »

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