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‘Duck Dynasty’ Crew Battles with Animal Rights Activist Morrissey

by Eric Conn   |  February 28th, 2013 3

The ever-popular gents from Duck Dynasty have found their way into the limelight once again.

Normally, it’s because of the Robertson’s hilariously entertaining, family-based TV show on A&E, which set records last season with nearly 5 million viewers. The Robertsons made headlines this week, however, because of a stunt by British animal rights activist Morrissey, who cancelled his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! at the last minute and issued this statement on his Facebook page:

“Morrissey is thankful for being invited to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live tomorrow, February 26. However, he cannot morally be on a television program where the cast members of Duck Dynasty will also be guests. Morrissey would be honored to play the show, if Duck Dynasty were removed. As far as my reputation is concerned, I can’t take the risk of being on a show alongside people who, in effect, amount to animal serial killers. If Jimmy cannot dump Duck Dynasty then we must step away.”

Never one to back down from controversy, Kimmel roasted Morrissey in an opening skit, saying the vegan musician “keeps finding new ways to depress us.” He also said he sided with the Robertsons because they have guns and Morrissey doesn’t. Kimmel then paired up with Jase, Willie, Si and Phil Robertson on short notice for a video spoof of the vegan version of a duck call—the carrot call. Well played, we say.

On Wednesday, Morrissey returned fire with a statement about the video and Kimmel’s roasting:

“I was disappointed with last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Show wherein our smiling host managed to ridicule depression… He then found time to ridicule healthy eating… and he also ridiculed the notion that animals should be entitled to the possession of their own lives. Furthermore, he found time to jokingly promote gun-ownership—hugely amusing for the parents at Sandy Hook, no doubt. He also promoted his special guests Duck Dynasty—who kill beings for fun. None of the above issues are, of course, as important as Jimmy Kimmel himself, who has finally revealed his show to have an overwhelming loss of meaning. Tune in and relive the intellectual fog of the 1950s.”

With the first episode of the new season of Duck Dynasty‘s airing this week on A&E, I think the Robertsons—and their 5 million viewers—have better things to do than listen to a two-bit whack-job like Morrissey. The Robertsons are back in action for another hilarious season of antics, and that makes usin the words of Phil—happy, happy, happy.

  • Michael Rahmberg

    Morrissey is a piece of work. Equating lawful gun ownership as the cause of the death for the victims of Sandy Hook and the grief of their family members is disgusting and confuses the true cause; that a mentally ill individual is the cause of that tragedy. Further, I’m sure the families of the victims would prefer that Morrissey and other like-minded opportunists not use their grief as a means of fear mongering and for the promotion of their personal agendas.

    • Red Cabbage

      Such sophistry, Michael. You must be very proud of yourself for taking brave positions akin to, “There’s no problem except for people who don’t see the world the way I do.”

      If you and your arrogant like-minded ilk could get off your thrones for one second, maybe you could honestly reconcile with the problem of gun ownership in America. To eschew the reality that the guns used at Sandy Hook were owned by a “law abiding” citizen is not only disingenuous, its cowardly. But because you weren’t affected by the tragedy, your entitlement kicks into overdrive to the point of where you refuse to be inconvenienced by any attempts at legislation.

      A belligerent minority is holding our children’s safety for ransom. If you knew what shame was, you would feel it for being a part of that minority. The only opportunist in this scenario is corn-fed Jimmy Kimmel.

  • Tyler P/Guywithhat

    Why do all the ‘antis’ and whack jobs have to reference the Sandy Hook shooting… and also push there agenda on others… I don’t hear the Roberstons telling me that I have to own guns, or hunt, or eat meat…

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