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Fitting Your Shotgun Stock Correctly

Shoot Where You Look: Shotgun Stock Placement

by John Taylor 0

http://brightcove=1343631794 Shotguns have no sights. They shoot where we look. Our eyes are the sights, but because of tradition, it… more »

Traveling with hunting dogs

Must-Know Tips For Traveling With Hunting Dogs

by Mark Romanack 7

Traveling with hunting dogs is a lot like traveling with your wife. You can expect to take about triple the… more »


How Compact Action Cameras Are Changing the Way We Look at Hunting

by Skip Knowles 0

When surfer Nick Woodman grew fed up with the inability of video gear to capture great moments on film in… more »

Conan gets in on some duck calling action

Conan O’Brien Tries Calling with Duck Dynasty Stars

by Joe Genzel 6

It’s refreshing to see more and more celebrities helping to bring the outdoors lifestyle to the mainstream. On Tuesday, late-night… more »

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