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Duck With Cranberry-Bacon Wild Rice Recipe

Duck With Cranberry-Bacon Wild Rice Recipe

by Jenny Nguyen-Wheatley 0

A very tasty recipe for duck with cranberry-bacon wild rice Duck, cranberry and wild rice – all three ingredients grow… more »


The Scablands

by Joe Genzel 0

In the scablands of Eastern Washington, there is plenty of public duck hunting to be had in this beautiful piece of America created by a massive glacial flood.


Our Favorite Holiday Duck and Goose Recipes

by Wildfowl Online Staff 0

Hosting a holiday dinner party? Forget the traditional Christmas ham and shake things up with a wildfowl holiday meal everyone… more »


10 Surprisingly Affordable Dream Waterfowl Trips

by Skip Knowles 2

Traveling to hunt waterfowl is no longer elitist and many of the best dream trips are surprisingly affordable. One of… more »


Chasin’ the Storm

by Wildfowl Online Staff 0

Jim McConville has been chasing the snow goose storm his entire bird hunting career, but never timed it right. So… more »


Ducks Unlimited: A Duck Man’s Best Friend

by David Hart 0

As the waterfowl program leader for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, part of Larry Reynold’s job is to… more »


Band Tales: Summer in December

by Bob Humphrey 0

A late December forecast for highs in the 70s almost coaxed Kenneth Mullins to turn off the alarm clock and… more »


Duck Hunting in Deadly Waters

by David Hart 0

At first, Travis Mueller didn’t think much about the wave that washed over the front of the boat. He was… more »


Bad Advice: The Worst Waterfowling Tips

by Will Brantley 3

Some of my most valuable duck-hunting lessons have come from experienced hunters who took the time to share their knowledge. Maybe… more »

No aggressive calling for ducks and geese

You Talk Too Much: Why Aggressive Calling Isn’t Always the Answer

by P.J. Reilly 0

Ahhh, there’s nothing like the smell of fresh acrylic in the morning. New honker hunters are showing up in fields… more »

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