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Chasin’ the Storm

by Wildfowl Online Staff   |  March 28th, 2017 0

Jim McConville has been chasing the snow goose storm his entire bird hunting career, but never timed it right. So in late February—when all the white geese are typically chasing the snow line north in Missouri—on a trip to northeast Arkansas with Federal Premium, Benelli and CZ-USA, he and four friends bucked the odds and hit pay dirt, scorching almost 150 snows in two days with Leg Iron Outfitters (314-605-2091).

What could have been a bust, turned into an epic few mornings in the rice production areas of Arkansas. And the new Black Cloud Flex performed flawlessly. Jim, along with Federal’s Nando Zucchi, Jason Nash Sr., Rick Stoeckel and CZ’s Dave Miller, made some incredible shots and filled the truck bed with a pile of white.

“We would get birds in the decoys, and of course we would cherry pick the lower birds,” McConville said. “It never fails. As much as you strategize about trying the higher birds first, at the moment of truth, everyone wants to shoot geese right in their face. But when the rest of the flock would flare, we shot at birds 60 to 70 yards, and they dropped from the sky like an Arkansas suitcase. Whatever Federal has done with the shot stream…it just has more downrange energy at the target.”

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