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Wildfowl’s Best Duck Boats

by Joe Genzel   |  April 23rd, 2012 6

There’s no substitute for skimming  across the water in a real duck boat, complete with a bad-ass mud motor jutting off the transom. Tow that sweet rig past any club and watch tongues wag—the retrievers too!

Most hunters love their camo-clad duck sleds as much as the 4×4 trucks that pull them. The modern crop of duck assault boats are unstoppable, tough, stable and so durable, if you choose wisely you won’t need another for a very long time. You probably love them like a newborn—maybe more.

Here are some of the best boats money can buy.

  • Jason Craig

    I'm just going to speak from experience. I've had my pro drive twin 36's since 2006. As of today, April 29, 2012, I am yet to spend one single dollar on any problem, issue or malfunction. These motors, drive train, steering column, and all the accessories and hardware are virtually indestructible. I've owned several boats on this top 11 list and there is NO comparison to a Pro Drive set up. They start the first time, every time and more importantly. They get me home every time!!!

  • chpke

    Would love to read the descriptions, but your advertising blocks everything!!!!!

  • thomasstrome

    The Gator-tail looks bad-ass when it comes to motor-size and perhaps the performance alone will deliver you through rivers and swamps. I just hope that this will be shown on long island used boats sale.

  • William Mckenzie

    Those are cool duck boats! I am not sure if they can dock over wood flooring perth? I wanted to have one, if fortune permits, and have it reserved on our rest house.

  • Jay

    pop ups block all the reviews on each pic. what gives. cheap website or what? Not helpful, if I can't read the article and write ups. JMS

  • dorisalonso101

    These speed boats are really helpful as well in terms of defense. My father upgraded on of the grady white used boats we have and it was great.

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