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Wild Duck Liver Terrine Recipe

Wild Duck Liver Terrine Recipe

by Jacques Haeringer

This Wild Duck Liver Terrine Recipe is delicious and can serve up to 30 guests, making it the perfect appetizer… more »


Horseradish Duck Burger Recipe

by Wildfowl Online Staff

Add a bitter and aromatic kick to your duck burgers by folding in some horseradish when forming the patties By:… more »

Classic Pâté Spice Recipe

Classic Pâté Spice Recipe

by Jacques Haeringer

Combine bay leaves, thyme, cinnamon and a variety of other herbs and spices for the perfect homemade pâté spice recipe… more »

Sweet Jalapeño Grilled Duck Recipe (Photo courtesy of “The Sporting Chef”)

Sweet Jalapeño Grilled Duck Recipe

by Wildfowl Online Staff

The sweet, tangy flavor of orange juice combined with spicy jalapeños in this duck recipe will have your taste buds screaming… more »


Cassoulet with Grilled Duck Breasts Recipe

by Jacques Haeringer

A spin on a traditional cassoulet, this dish features grilled duck instead of pork Serves: 8 Prep time: 30 minutes… more »

Fresh Fowl: Finding the proverbial X in duck hunting can often bring a limit of ducks to the strap. But sometimes, a hunter has to be willing to turn the lights out on a cold spot, striking out in a quest to find some new fowl real estate.

Photo by Lynn Burkhead

Duck Hunting Tactics–Stay On The Move For Success

by Lynn Burkhead

Even the best scouted spots can turn cold. When that happens, waterfowlers need to strike out into the unknown to… more »


Pan-Seared Teal With Tart Cherries Recipe

by Jenny Nguyen-Wheatley

Waterfowl and fruit go together so well, and tart cherries are a nice complement to a duck’s fattiness and dark… more »


Wildfowl’s Editors Pick The Best Gear For Fall 2017

by Joe Genzel

Here are 17 must-have items every waterfowler will want to check out for this fall. Choosing the right gear is… more »


8 Best Choke Tubes for 2017

by Wildfowl Online Staff

While there’s no guarantee they’ll make you a better shot, these 8 newly-designed shotgun choke tubes for 2017 are definitely… more »


8 Awesome Ducks Hunts You Can Do Right Now

by Wildfowl Online Staff

There are many fine places to hunt waterfowl throughout the Pacific Northwest. Here are a few favorites. 1. Summer Lake,… more »


Duck in Apple Cider Recipe

by Jenny Nguyen-Wheatley

Apples and ducks make a nice pairing; if you don’t enjoy duck because of its gamy flavor, try slow cooking… more »


9 Affordable Waterfowl Hunts

by Wildfowl Online Staff

There is nothing better than a good guided hunting trip and few things more frustrating than a bad one. Do some… more »


Wildfowl Editors Choose The Best New Waterfowl Gear

by Joe Genzel

Sorting through the wide array of guns, gadgets and gear to make our choices for great waterfowling products is a… more »

Photo by Drew Palmer

Duck Blinds 2017—Wildfowl’s Editors Pick The Best

by David Draper

You can have the most expensive new auto-loader, biggest spread of custom decoys, and the latest in technical apparel, but… more »


How To Finish The Trained Retrieve

by Tom Dokken

Editors Note: Part 3 in a Series It has taken two columns to get to this point, but your dog… more »

Photo by Drew Pellman /

‘Force Fetching’ Doesn’t Have To Be Draconian

by Tom Dokken

Editor’s Note: Part 2 in a series Last issue I broke down the importance of natural hold and carry, the… more »


Best New Waterfowl Apparel For 2017

by David Draper

This season’s introduction of camo clothes for waterfowling includes everything from traditional looks and cuts to high-tech camo made with… more »


11 Best New Shotshell Loads For Waterfowl

by Wildfowl Online Staff

Consistency is what pushes today’s shotshell makers to constantly improve new waterfowl loads they’re bringing to market. Keeping shot patterns… more »


Best New Waterfowl Shotguns for 2017

by John Taylor

The selection of new waterfowl shotguns for 2017 runs the full spectrum from  Turkish bargains to pricey Italian autoloaders. Those… more »


Ultimate Piece of Gear

by Skip Knowles

Shotguns and saltwater don’t mix. WildFowl Editor, Skip Knowles. snapped a shot of this rust-eaten 1998 Benelli Super Black Eagle… more »