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Wildfowl 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

by Wildfowl Online Staff

Waterfowlers are probably some of the most demanding hunters around, which also makes us some of the hardest to shop… more »


Shotgun Patterning Tips for More Kills This Season

by Brad Fitzpatrick

We’ve all been there. The birds are well in range, we swing through to the goose’s beak and smash the… more »


Conservation Corner: How Oil Dependence is Killing Ducks

by David Hart

They look like any other body of water from above. Some are tiny ponds in the arid southwest. Others are… more »


WILDFOWL Spotlight: Dakota Decoy

by Skip Knowles

How, in the crowded world of decoy manufacturing, did Dakota Decoy’s Bill Willroth so quickly carve out a major niche… more »


Read & React: Are Duck Migration Patterns Changing?

by David Hart

Waterfowl hunters love conspiracy theories. “How else can you explain the growing number of hunters who insist ducks are migrating… more »


Federal Black Cloud FS Steel Review

by L.P. Brezny

It is not big news that hunting across the country over the past couple of years, hunters have been witness… more »


WILDFOWL Spotlight: Jim Slotterbeck of Real-Geese

by Joe Genzel

Hundreds of greenheads continued on an endless circle, looking to dump into a harvested field on Canada’s western prairie. It’s… more »


How to Spot-and-Stalk Greenheads With Success

by Brad Fenson

I checked the intermittent creek bed for deep holes still holding water and maybe a few ducks. Three fat October… more »


Hevi-Shot’s Hevi-Steel Review

by L.P. Brezny

The call came in, and I was off to Pierre, S.D., with a few cases of Hevi-Shot’s new Hevi-Steel, a… more »


New Waterfowl Camo & Clothing for 2014

by Patrick Meitin

We all miss the days of old when the points system allowed for bigger limits (if you were selective about… more »


Hot New Waterfowl Accessories for 2014

by David Rearick

Your wife loves to accessorize, and so do you…when it comes to chasing birds. From lanyards to more expensive binos… more »


Top Waterfowl Decoys for 2014

by Kyle Wintersteen

For some, setting decoys is a chore. What a shame. There is plenty of joy to be found in it:… more »


Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa Reinstall Teal Season

by Charlie Puckett

Midwestern waterfowlers looking to scratch their early-season teal itch in Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa will be able to do so… more »


New Waterfowl Loads & Chokes for 2014

by Bob Humphrey

Many of us were around for the conversion from lead to non-toxic shot. A lot has changed since then, but… more »


Hot New Waterfowl Blinds for 2014

by P.J. Reilly

A flock of honkers chatter away as the leader takes them downwind. It looks like they’re getting out of Dodge…. more »


Should We Revise Baiting Regulations?

by David Hart

Most duck hunting rules are pretty simple; no shooting after sunset, your shotgun can’t hold more than three shells and… more »


Waterfowl Forecast Points to Promising Year for Duck Hunters

by Charlie Puckett

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) recently released its annual waterfowl forecast report, “Trends in Duck Breeding Populations,” and… more »


WILDFOWL Recipe: Grilled Goose Breasts with Chestnut Stuffing

by Jacques Haeringer

Chestnut Stuffing: (Serves 8-10) 1 pound fresh chestnuts 4 tablespoons vegetable oil ½ pound pork shoulder, cubed ½ pound veal,… more »


WILDFOWL Spotlight: Hard Core

by Joe Genzel

In a cut pea field on a sunny Saskatchewan morning, Randy Hill thumbs through his iPhone, checking emails between flocks…. more »


WILDFOWL Recipe: Wild Duck Liver Terrine

by Jacques Haeringer

Duck Liver Terrine: (Serves 25-30) 1 lb fresh pork shoulder, cubed 1 lb fresh pork belly, cubed 1¾ lbs. wild… more »