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Best New Waterfowl Boats & Motors for 2015

by David Hart

Snow pelted us, the rush of cold air finding every gap in our layers of clothing. Whoever said getting there… more »


How It’s Made: Exploring Rio Ammunition’s New Texas Facility

by John Taylor

The familiar clikckety-clack of loaders turning out boxes of shotgun shells in mere seconds is a familiar sound in an… more »


What You Need to Know When Planning Your Next Canada Fowling Adventure

by Brad Fenson

It was the classic day in Canada. The early October sunset created an ideal backdrop at the end of a… more »


3 Surefire Tips to Becoming a Better Waterfowl Hunter

by Brad Fitzpatrick

It seems almost impossible—3,653 clays broken in 3,600 seconds. An hour devoted to nothing but shattering 108 mm targets, one… more »


WILDFOWL Spotlight: Avery Outdoors

by David Hart

After spending part of the 1993 season hunting from a boat with a custom-made blind on the Mississippi River, Tom… more »


Killing Cancer: How Veterinarians Are Keeping Dogs Hunting Longer

by Kyle Wintersteen

Four of the most gut-wrenching words a veterinarian can utter are “your dog has cancer.” It’s a life-changing diagnosis that… more »


What’s the Best Method to Control the Snow Goose Population?

by David Hart

It was supposed to be the solution for too many geese and not enough nesting habitat. Biologists hoped electronic callers,… more »


4 Drills to Help Your Dog Master Multiple Retrieves

by Tom Dokken

Good duck dogs need to know how to count—at least to two, anyway. Eventually, they should be able to count… more »


15 Awesome Retrieving Photos You Need to See

by Wildfowl Online Staff

As any waterfowler who hunts over a dog knows, the real stars of the show are often the gun dogs… more »


Cassoulet with Grilled Duck Breasts Recipe

by Jacques Haeringer

For the Beans: (Serves 8): 2 lbs Great Northern or other dry white beans 2 quarts water 1 large onion… more »


How to Create a Killer Boat Blind on a Budget

by Mike Marsh

Ryan Gipson’s first hunt was for woodies with his dad. Just six or seven at the time, he fell in… more »


Blast From the Past: Remembering New Jersey’s Famed Waterfowling

by John Taylor

Nowadays, the Jersey Shore is better known for sleazy reality shows and $1.99 streak and eggs after a night losing… more »


Why Kansas is More Than Just a Greenhead Mecca

by Joe Genzel

Hard Core’s honky tonk tour bus pulled through the gates and we stepped off just in time to bear witness… more »


CeLABrity Retrievers: Waterfowling Veterans and Their Top Gun Dogs

by M.D. Johnson

The sign read simply — PUPS.  Hand written on an old scrap of press board, it wouldn’t have stopped me,… more »


Best Tips to Decoy Wood Ducks

by Kyle Wintersteen

The cool, mid-October wind carries a pleasant aroma of decaying leaves across our little beaver dam. Oaks adorned in rich… more »


Should You Vaccinate Your Retriever Against Lyme?

by Kyle Wintersteen

Lyme disease is a painful affliction warranting preventative measures—that much all veterinarians agree on. Lyme vaccination is another story. Case… more »


Living on Borrowed Water: Why Duck Production May Eventually Crash

by David Hart

These are the seasons we tell our grandchildren about. Eleven million mallards descended on fields and marshes throughout North America… more »


WILDFOWL Spotlight: Sure-Shot

by Joe Genzel

When the north wind blows through the Gulf Coast of Texas, James “Cowboy” Fernandez is a happy man — it… more »


Alien Invasion: Is the Eradication of Certain Non-Native Plants Hurting Duck Populations?

by David Hart

When Jon Hart heads to one of his favorite lakes for a morning hunt, he knows exactly where to toss… more »


WILDFOWL Recipe: Duck Soup Du Jour

by Jacques Haeringer

Stock Ingredients (Serves 8): 4 duck carcasses with legs or 2 goose carcasses 2 large onions, chopped 2 medium carrots,… more »