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Must-Know Tips When You Travel to Canada

4 Tips to Remember When You Travel to Canada

by Brad Fenson

I spent several days spotting for ducks and geese, with the hopes of having a couple fields tied up for… more »

USFWS Sheds Light on Waterfowl Seasons

USFWS Sets Waterfowling Limits Before the Hatch

by P.J. Reilly

This past Spring, North America’s waterfowl did the same thing they’ve done for centuries: breeding, hatching and getting ready for the… more »


Bad Advice: The Worst Waterfowling Tips

by Will Brantley

Some of my most valuable duck-hunting lessons have come from experienced hunters who took the time to share their knowledge. Maybe… more »

Dog Training with Decoys

Take More Breaks During Off-Season Dog Training

by Tom Dokken

Most of the dogs I’ve hunted alongside have always had a good attitude in the blind. But that’s not always… more »

The Remington 3200 O/U

Remembering the Remington 3200

by John Taylor

In 1932 the Great Depression had the nation in its grip, but with eternal optimism, Remington released its Model 32… more »

Goose Hunting in Canada

7 Suggestions for Canadian Waterfowling Success


The pursuit of waterfowl is always humbling. And Canada’s prairie is a place we have spent many falls, chasing the… more »

McCauley Brothers

Spotlight: McCauley Brothers of Habitat Flats

by Joe Genzel

There’s a yellow farmhouse, the last stop in Sumner, Missouri, before you drive down a gravely dirt road surrounded by… more »

Gus Bader with TriStar Arms

WILDFOWL Spotlight: Gus Bader of TriStar Arms

by Skip Knowles

When I had to pass on a dream luxury volume dove hunt to Argentina with a high-end Italian shotgun manufacturer… more »


2016 Father’s Day Gifts for Duck-Loving Dads


To help you find the perfect Father’s Day gift this year, the WILDFOWL staff has compiled some of the most innovative… more »


8 Best Mud Motors for 2016

by David Hart

Let’s face it, that old mud motor from two years ago isn’t cuttin’ it any longer. Of course, it takes… more »

Seizures in Dogs

Help Your Dog Overcome Seizures

by Tyler Shoberg

I’ll never forget the 2015 duck opener. After a fruitful morning, my younger dog, Blitz, began whining. I brushed it… more »

Training a bird dog for the first hunt of the season

How to Prepare Your Bird Dog for the Season

by Tom Dokken

If there is one thing I’ve learned in all my years as a professional dog trainer it’s this: plan for… more »


Best New Waterfowl Boats for 2016

by David Hart

In his book the Duck Hunter’s Bible, Erwin Bauer wrote: “Duck hunting gives a man a chance to see the… more »

Recipe for Jalapeno Grilled Duck

3 Must-Try Duck Recipes from Camp Chef


This time of year, the staff here at Wildfowl starts cleaning out the freezer and cooking up duck and goose… more »

Building a simple boat blind for hunting

Building a Duck Boat Blind on a Budget

by Mike Marsh

Jim Orth needed a simple blind for hunting Lake St. Clair. A staffing recruiter and outfitter from Michigan (, he runs… more »

Stoping dog whining

Loudmouth Labs: How to Stop Dog Whining

by Tom Dokken

My first experience with a truly vocal duck dog occurred long ago when I was in high school. A good… more »

Traveling with hunting dogs

Must-Know Tips For Traveling With Hunting Dogs

by Mark Romanack

Traveling with hunting dogs is a lot like traveling with your wife. You can expect to take about triple the… more »

Correcting your distracted dog

Teach Your Distracted Dog to Focus on the Hunt

by Tom Dokken

A dog is never really finished until it has gone through distraction training. This is especially true for duck dogs… more »

Yamaha Viking Side-by-side

12 Innovative Waterfowl Products for 2016


Whether you’re looking for a new gun, health products for your best retriever, or decoys for the season ahead, WILDFOWL’s… more »

Tracking dogs with a GPS collar

5 Reasons Your Dog Needs a GPS Collar

by Tyler Shoberg

As sometimes happens on opening day, the shooters were rusty. Our gun dogs, fresh off a summer of training, were… more »