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Avery’s M-2 Ground Blind

by Ryan Hamre   |  November 3rd, 2010 0

Avery’s M-2 Ground Blind is one of the most comfortable, durable and low profile full-frame blinds on the market today. The M-2 weighs in at 22 pounds and folds into a backpack in seconds. Its rust-proof powder coated aluminum frame and solid aluminum hinges contribute to the M-2’s durability.

It is perfect for all hunters with its elongated 51½-inch doors and enlarged 25-inch wide cockpit, which allow for easy entry and exit. Hunt all day and in any weather with the padded ergonomic seat and the weather-proof 900D Duramax cover. Zippered FlagPorts offer the user comfortable flagging and extended see-through mesh face Flaps allow for unparalleled visibility.

Contact: Avery, (800) 333-5119;

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