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Gun For All Ages

by Ryan Hamre   |  November 3rd, 2010 0

Remington’s 11-87 Compact Sportsman Shotgun in Mossy Oak Break-Up camouflage is designed for beginning shooters and people of smaller stature. The 20-gauge shotgun has several features to make shooting enjoyable for shooters of all ages.

The 11-87 Compact is a gas-operated, semi-automatic shotgun. The gas operation uses the energy of the shotshell ignition to operate and cycle the action. The process takes away much of the felt recoil. Each gun comes with a SuperCell recoil pad to reduce the recoil even more. The Compact comes with a length of pull of 13 inches. The length of pull can be easily adjusted up to one more inch with the Length of Pull kit included with each gun.

Contact: Remington, (800) 243-9700;

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