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Fiocchi Golden Waterfowl Loads

by L.P. Brezny   |  November 3rd, 2010 0

Fiocchi’s Golden Waterfowl is deadly on waterfowl. These shotshells are rated at 1,400 fps muzzle velocity, which delivers the swiftness and power needed to make a clean kill. A wide selection of shot sizes (BBB, BB, 1, 2, 3 and 4) allows hunters to choose shot suitable for the birds and hunting conditions.

Fiocchi’s steel loads are carefully manufactured using a winning combination of treated steel shot, high-quality wads and the appropriate propellant powders to deliver dense patterns and high velocity. Fiocchi’s technologically superior engineering ability and precision manufacturing process ensures its shells go easy on the gun’s barrel.

Contact: Fiocchi; (702) 293-6174;

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