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USFWS Sheds Light on Waterfowl Seasons

USFWS Sets Waterfowling Limits Before the Hatch

by P.J. Reilly 0

This past Spring, North America’s waterfowl did the same thing they’ve done for centuries: breeding, hatching and getting ready for the… more »


How It’s Made: Exploring Rio Ammunition’s New Texas Facility

by John Taylor 1

The familiar clickety-clack of loaders turning out boxes of shotgun shells in mere seconds is a familiar sound in an… more »


Federal Duck Stamp Fee Set To Increase

by David Hart 0

After years of stops and starts, waterfowl conservationists are finally getting their wish: The price of a Federal Migratory Bird… more »


3 Midwest States to Offer New Experimental Teal Season in 2014

by Charlie Puckett 0

Midwestern waterfowlers looking to scratch their early-season teal itch in Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa will be able to do so… more »


WILDFOWL Spotlight: Fred Zink

by Skip Knowles 0

People, like ducks, can be divided into divers and dabblers. The divers are guys like Fred Zink, who plunge into… more »


Waterfowl Forecast Points to Promising Year for Duck Hunters

by Charlie Puckett 0

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) recently released its annual waterfowl forecast report, “Trends in Duck Breeding Populations,” and… more »


Read & React: Senate Bill to Raise the Price of Duck Stamp

by Kyle Wintersteen 5

In 1991, the average price for a gallon of gas was $1.23; a gallon of milk was just $2.36; and… more »

Van Hawkinson

Read & React: Anti-Hunter Shoots at Wisconsin Duck Hunters

by Dylan Polk 342

We’ve made no bones about our deep-seated loathing for radical animal rights activists in the past—particularly those nuts at PETA… more »


Read & React: Government Shutdown Forces National Refuges to Close

by Wildfowl Online Staff 2

Thought the government shutdown wouldn’t hurt your hunting plans? Think again. According to the Idaho State Journal, the U.S. Fish… more »


U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Releases 2013 Duck Numbers

by Wildfowl Online Staff 0

So you’ve been thinking about starting your own Duck Dynasty? It’s a wonderful time to be a waterfowler. Turns out,… more »

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