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Best New Waterfowl Decoys for 2015

Best New Waterfowl Decoys for 2015

My infatuation with decoys began with dad's decoy bag, an eclectic mixture of mismatched plastic ducks rigged with olive-drab cord and hand-poured weights that could sink the USS Ronald Reagan.

Today, all have been retired; a few are on display in the mess I call an office. Great times, and even better memories.

Decoys have come a long, long way since pop's bag of fakes. Modern decoys do everything live birds do, except eat Wonder Bread and poop green.

Movers and shakers, dippers and thrashers are all there with some of the most realistic colors and detailed feather patterns to ever grace plastic.

Aero | DropZone Canadas

Paul Sullivan stands behind his product: 'A realistic decoy designed to fool wise geese, take the abuse of daily hunting, and last a lifetime...or two. ' The one-piece DZ Canadas are hand-painted, crafted from no-crush plastic and will stay upright in 40 mph winds. Price: $412 (4-pk)

Avian-X | AXF/AXP Canadas

It's near impossible to beat the realism of an Avian-X full-body, unless maybe you taxidermy your own decoys. AXPs feature natural body postures and paint schemes, creating visuals of adult, subdominant birds and juvies. AXFs are fully-flocked. Price: $219-$299 (6-pk)

Avian-X | Topflight Gadwalls

The detail in these gadwalls show Avian-X is serious about grey ducks. Custom paint is spot on — from the silver-grey sheen of the drake to the mottled browns and startling white speculum of the hen, the Topflights should ensure that next flock of greys doesn't do the old circle once and bail. Price: $70 (6-pk)

Banded | E-Jerk Flag

Thanks to the Electric Jerk Flag, carpal tunnel syndrome can be a thing of the past. Just stake the two-position unit at the edge of the spread, hit the button on the remote, and BOOM! — flagging 'em on the corners was never easier. Powered by a 12-volt battery (not included), the E-Jerk duplicates the realistic wing motion often necessary to finish cagy Canadas. Price: $200

Banded | Floating Mallards

A blend of realism, quality, and value, Banded's floaters are world-class as each decoy is molded using a high-density polyethylene designed to provide maximum durability. A 20-step painting process breathes life into an otherwise cold piece of plastic, setting Banded blocks a cut above. Price: $180 (12-pk)

Big Al's | Silhouettes

A hedgerow and three-dozen silhouettes are one of our favorite ways to hunt big honkers. Just grab your gun, call and a bag full of Big Al's greaters, and 747s will be back-pedalling in the decoys. Available in six different positions, each silo sits on an H-stake. Price: $96 (12-pk)

Big Foot | B2 Canada Floaters

Featuring four different head styles, Big Foot's legendary B2s are constructed of durable polyethylene, yet surprisingly lightweight. Each six-pack includes one sentry, one upright, two resters, and two contented head styles. Available exclusively at Cabela's. Price: $180 (6-pk)

Big Foot | Pintail

There's an old saying: 'you get what you pay for. ' And that's why we save up and buy Big Foot decoys whenever we can. With precise feather tracking, the new Pintails are as real as it gets, and the durable paint process means you'll hand them down to your kids. Price: $110 (4-pk)

Cabela's | Instinct Wingman

Just when you thought motion decoys couldn't get any more real, here comes Cabela's Instinct Wingman. Instead of spinning wings, the Wingman has a bi-axial flapping motion to provide natural vertical movement, along with 90 degrees of rotation per side. A multi-function remote allows for intermittent, constant-on, and quick burst. Goose hunters take note: an incredibly realistic Canada Wingman is also available. Price: $350-$400

Cabela's | NF Mallards

It took two years of development, testing, and refinement before Cabela's oversized foam-filled mallards were deemed worthy to wear the company's Northern Flight name. From the incredible feather detailing to the ultra-realistic paint, these working pieces of avian art have proven themselves effective. Price: $90 (6-pk)

Dakota | Fully-Flocked Mallards

After a full year of field testing by the 'fowlers at Dakota, these fakes have proven themselves against some of the cagiest greenheads. Incredibly realistic colors and flocked beak to tail, this latest intro by Bill Willroth provides the durability and ruggedness duck hunters expect. Price: $200 (12-pk)

Dakota | Signature Honker

The innovative minds at Dakota introduce the all-new Signature Series. These virtually indestructible one-piece Canadas are made of a new EVA plastic material, and each custom-style painted decoy takes high definition to an entirely new level. Price: $240 (6-pk)

Deadly | Rotary Flyer

Snow goose killers have come to rely on rotary machines to attract and finish wary whites, and this year, Deadly Decoys introduces its Rotary Flyer. Compatible with most current rotary machines, the Flyer sports a mesh bottom panel, which creates less wind resistance and thus puts less stress on motors. Also from Deadly Decoys for 2015, a hen mallard and specklebelly flyer. Price: $45

Dive Bomb | Canada Silhouettes

'Unbelievable realism and price. ' That's what Dive Bomb is saying about the new V2 silos. Crafted from super tough, durable corrugated materials, each V2 is 4mm thick, and sports a high-resolution image that will not scratch, chip, peel, or fade. Price: $70 (12-pk)

DOA | Refuge Mallard

There's nothing like watching mallards work the decoys over water, and the Refuge floaters put 'em in the hole. Each decoy undergoes an extensive painting process, The innovative weighted and recessed hexagonal keel keeps the spread moving. Price: $75 (6-pk)

DOA | Rogue Sleeper Shells

Fill the trailer with DOA Rogue shells for the late season when fields are covered in snow and geese go straight to their bellies. Easily stackable, the flocked heads and tails (and exclusive eight-step paint process) will transform your spread into a goose-killing rig. Price: $210 (12-pk)

Drake | Breeze-Ryder Mallards

Four different anchor attachments provide multiple types of motion with the Breeze-Ryder, just right for skinny backwaters. Windy conditions or deep water? Snap on the Twist-Lock keel (sold separately) to reduce water drag and increase movement; and what you're left with is a spread the wariest late-season birds can't resist. Price: $90 (12-pk)

FA Brand | Field Mallards

FA continues its innovation and remains on the cutting-edge with its HD mallards. Designed by world-class carvers, with input from waterfowling enthusiasts, the full-bodies combine flawless anatomical presentation with the ultimate in color and texture. Price: $184 (6-pk)

Flambeau | Storm Front 2

Complete with fully-flocked heads and UVision — a proven paint that mimics birds' plumage — these full-bodies are offered in 12 different poses, including feeders, resters, callers, and sentries. All SF2 full-body, shell, and floater heads are interchangeable. Price: $197 (4-pk); $290 (6-pk)

Flambeau | Storm Front 2 Wigeon

If you hunt scores of wigeon, put the Storm Fronts on your bucket list. Durable, masterfully detailed, and beautifully painted with UVision, these fakes feature weighted keels with multiple tie-offs designed to produce a swimming motion in all wind conditions. Built with virgin resin for ultimate durability. Price: $79 (6-pk)

Fowl Factory | Hybrid X

Think dad's old decoys are done for? Not so fast with the Hybrid X Mallard skins. HD images printed on indestructible fade-proof fabric slip right over worn out fakes, bringing them back to life and putting ducks in the hole. Sold in 12-pack skins or decoy packs. Ten-year warranty on fading or tearing. Price: $75 (12-pk)

Fowl Foolers | Burlap Decoys

Fowl Foolers works hard to make decoys that last a lifetime. The burlap-wrapped floaters include hard-molded heads and realistic paint schemes. Foam-filled, they are virtually indestructible — good to know when sea ducks are on the deck! Price: $259 (12-pk)

GHG | Pro-Grade Specks

GHG's full-body specks feature sturdy StudLoc head connections, RealMotion stake system, and detailed colors. These hand-painted decoys are sure to bring the yodelers in for a closer look. Also available in fully-flocked FFD model. Price: $160-$210 (6-pk)

GHG | Pro-Grade Mallards

Today's Pro-Grade Mallards feature unmatched realism and durability. The drakes sport flocked heads, and a one-piece fully-flocked (FFD) will also be available. All field mallards have GHG's motion system, creating movement in slight winds. Price: $230 (12-pk)

Hard Core | Elite Canadas

Use and abuse them, these full-bodies can take it. The one-piece design and Armor Coated Paint means more durability. Flocked tails and heads, HD feathers, real body postures and TruMotion base are reason enough to add the Elites to your spread. Price: $300 (6-pk)

Hard Core | Pre-Rigged Mallards

Thanks to the HC folks, your fakes are pre-rigged with 36-inch lines and 4-ounce weights and ready to go. Armor Coated paint delivers unrivaled durability, and features 3D angled schemes. DuraMold bodies withstand anything you can dish out. Price: $70 (6-pk)

Higdon | Battleship

Endorsed by calling great Kelley Powers, Battleships were created with optimal visibility under all types of conditions. Consisting of three drake mallards and three black ducks, each decoy has a flocked head, weighted keel, and a high-density foam filling. Price: $100 (6-pk)

Lake Effect | Burlap Divers

Lake Effect proudly stands by its motto 'simple, functional, and extremely durable. ' Each diver begins as engineered foam resin, then burlapped and finished in marine-grade epoxy — but only after being hand airbrushed for an incredible presentation. Price: $399 (12-pk)

Lifetime Rigging

At Lifetime, decoy rigging is serious business. Galvanized steel cable, along with a rugged PVC coating provides unsurpassed strength, prevents corrosion, and stops tangles. Stainless steel swivels and clips and high-strength aluminum ferrules round out these unique rigs. With Lifetime, the decoy slides along the cable as opposed to a free-sliding weight. This means the retention loop stays with the decoy, helping keep hands dry and simplifying the process. Available in multiple options, including the popular 30 ' lines with 3-oz droppers. Price: $37

Lucky Duck | HD

Heralded as 'the most durable and realistic spinner on the market, ' the HD takes motion to a new level. Constructed of rugged EVA plastic, the HD features a 42-inch mounting stake, charging port, and large battery compartment. Because of the unique design, you don't need to access the interior of the spinner to change batteries or even sync the remote (sold separately). Price: $100

Lucky Duck | Lucky Flapper

The Flapper was so popular last year, you were 'Lucky ' to find one. A fully-flocked head adds realism, and durable magnetic EVA wings were designed to last season after season. Included is a remote, 12-volt battery, charger, and sturdy tubular metal tripod base. The decoy itself stands 30 inches above the ground, ensuring excellent visibility. It has a 43-inch wing span. Speed options include continuous on or intermittent. Price: $200

Mojo | Blue-Wing Teal

Doesn't every duck hunter have a Mojo Mallard? Sure, but when the birds aren't cooperating — or it's teal season­ — give your spread a different look with this blue-wing spinner. Fighter-jet blues love motion, and Mojo created the ultimate teal magnet with this decoy. Lightweight and featuring the company's patented direct-drive system, the Mojo teal is perfect for the walk-in hunter. Battery life is 16 hours on four AA batteries (ours ran all season on two sets of batteries); the collapsible three-piece support pole breaks down quickly and packs easy. Price: $70

Quack Decoys

Constructed of high-quality rubber material, Quack Decoys feature a self-sealing design, realistic glass eyes, resistance to ice build-up, natural paint schemes, an innovative concave bottom that keeps floaters upright and revolutionary lines and anchors. Price: $TBD

Real Duck | Action

The bane of hunters using traditional spinning-wing decoys has always been deep water. Well, with Real Duck's Action Decoy, a single spinner is attached to a super magnum G&H floater, so no stake is required. The innovative spinner features a sealed two-tone wing/motor/battery assembly that sits atop the block. Whether the water is 10 inches or 10 feet, this unit is capable. It can be used on field hunts as well: the secure Velcro fastening system allows the unit to be easily attached to a full-body. Price: $120

Real-Geese | Pro Series II Mallards

Just about everything on these silos has been upgraded, like the patented non-reflective surface on both sides of the decoy. There are also 12 new poses, new artwork, and the mallards are 30 percent larger. Price: $130 (12-pk)

Real-Geese | Sandhill Cranes

Sandhills have eyes like an eagle — only better, so you need a decoy designed to fool some of the finest peepers on the planet. With patented non-reflective material on both sides, these silos feature detailed artwork, with four distinct poses. Price: $150 (6-pk)

Redhead | Reality Redheads

Diver hunters, rejoice! Incredible realism, sharp colors, durable paints, rugged one-piece construction, and an innovative weight-forward keel featuring multiple anchor points combine to make these blocks some of the company's finest. Price: $65 (6-pk)

Redline | X Weights

Tired of decoys floating away in heavy current? These innovative 4-ounce X-shaped decoy anchors are specifically designed to grab and hold the bottom, even under the worst of conditions. No more chasing decoys when you should be covered up and scanning the skies. Redline's X Weights are crafted from the highest quality components, thus effectively eliminating any weak links in your rig. Price: $22 (12-pk)

Rig'em Right | Step Up Jerk Rig

Rig 'Em Right's Step Up features a heavy-duty string winder with an ergonomic handle, and 100' of mainline. A 1.5-pound grapple anchor keeps the four-decoy rig secure. Oversized quick clips make it easy to attach decoys. Price: $40

Snow Goose Warehouse

Snow goose hunters are fanatical — you have to be to chase millions of birds from Texas to NoDak. Snow Goose Warehouse has everything a white goose wizard could hope for, like the Snow Screamer e-caller, complete with custom sounds. Reel Wings flying decoys, Reel Wings motion poles, and BirdVision UV paints, featuring a wide variety of color kits designed to reproduce any number of species — it's all here. SGW also carries the full line of Avian-X snow and blue goose decoys.

Swarm | Stick

Sometimes multiple spinners can close the deal; however, the problem with most support poles is they're all the same height. But ducks don't land all at once. Fortunately, the Swarm Stick presents spinners at three different heights, all on one stand. With folding arms for convenient transport, it provides 13 different settings, while only weighing 5½ pounds. The Swarm Stick is compatible with most spinning-wing decoys. Use it for dove season too. Price: $75

Tanglefree | Pro Series Gadwalls

Tanglefree's Gadwalls sport detailed texturing and intricate color patterns. Each decoy features late-season plumage that complements natural feather shading; all atop an innovative weighted keel design that ensures every decoy lands as it should. Price: $60 (6-pk)

Tanglefree | Pro Specklebelly

The Sacramento Valley is full of specks...and hunters, making these some of the cagiest white-fronts in the country. So to get an edge, West Coast hunters use Pro series full-bodies. Incredibly durable, the one-piece decoy comes with field stakes and round bases. Price: $170 (6-pk) |

White Rock | Blind Door Decoys

Layouts cause one resounding issue: There are decoys everywhere, EXCEPT on the blinds. White Rock solved this dilemma with it's BDD flocked-head mallard, which softens the straight-line edges of layouts. Price: $50 (2-pk)

White Rock | Collapsible Canadas

White Rock's Canadas are made of Cram-Flex, a collapsible material that mashes down these full-bodies to one-quarter their original size for transport. They bounce back without cracking or denting, and sit on Friction Fit Motion bases. Price: $150 (6-pk)

WonderDuck | Magic Skimmer

Deep in the season (when everyone else is still using a spinner) we like to deploy the Magic Skimmer. When set in motion, a timer swims the decoy left, then right, then forward, and stops it every five seconds: just like a real duck. It's a proven mallard killer if you do your part. Price: $130

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