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Best Snow Goose Gear of 2024

Get ready for the '24 Spring Conservation Order with this list of the Must Have Gear for white goose fanatics!

Best Snow Goose Gear of 2024

(Lucky Duck flocker 20 rotary)

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Mossberg 940 Pro Waterfowl – Snow Goose

mossberg-940pro-snow shotgun
(Mossberg 940 pro-snow shotgun)

I’ve shot Mossbergs for decades, starting with a 1966 M500 my Pop bought upon his return from Vietnam. Today, I pack the company’s M940 Pro Waterfowl afield. Doesn’t matter the conditions—saltwater, mud, heat, cold, dirt—the 940, like the Energizer Bunny, keeps on going. The 940 Pro Waterfowl Snow Goose features everything a high-volume shoot requires, including a 12-round extended magazine; chrome-lined chamber; stainless recoil spring and a coated return spring tube; an oversized operating handle and bolt release; and a mega-cool TrueTimber ‘Viper Snow’ finish.  (; $1,323)

Stoeger 3500 

stoeger-m3500-snow-goose shotgun
(Stoeger M3500 snow goose shotgun)

White guns are all the rage with today’s snow goose "crews," but white guns that go BOOM every time you pull the trigger are really nice. That describes Stoeger’s wildly popular Model 3500 Snow Goose, an interia-driven ‘fowler that has more than earned its place in the mud-covered fields of Spring. The 3500 packs 10+1 rounds, thanks to an extended mag, and cycles 2-3/4” to 3-1/2” shotshells reliability, regardless of how many times it goes BOOM. Storger's put on a tough distressed white Cerakote finish, and the gun features a low-light friendly fiber optic front bead, oversized controls, and a five-pack of choke tubes. (; $979)

Benelli Super Black Eagle 3

benelli Super Black Eagle 3 Shotgun
(Benelli Super Black Eagle 3)

It’s difficult to say anything nice about Benelli’s Super Black Eagle 3 (SBE3) that hasn’t already been said roughly 1.37 million times; however, we’ll give ‘er a shot here—if you’re looking for dependability and off-the-charts innovation, you can stop looking. If you want to do nothing but load ‘n shoot, load ‘n shoot, repeat ‘n rinse, then the SBE3 needs to be your Go-To. What do I like? The redesigned carrier and beveled loading port because I’m big on wearing military wool gloves, and I don’t have to fight to feed the SBE3. It's soft-shooting, and doesn’t seem to mind getting dirty. (; $2,300)


Winchester Xpert Snow Goose 

winchester-xpert-snow-goose shot shell
(Winchester Xpert Snow Goose shotshell)

The folks in East Alton have a clear-cut winner with their Xpert Snow Goose steel. Available in both 3” and 3-1/2”, Xpert Snow Goose is currently offered in 1-1/4 ounce and 1-3/8 ounce loadings, respectively, and in your choice of snow-proven BBs or #2 shot. But there’s more behind Xpert Snow Goose than simply pellets; there’s technology, too. The load’s rear-braking Diamond Cut Wad ensures tight patterns at wary adult snow ranges, while increased velocity, e.g. 1,475 and 1,550 fps, helps put the smackdown on the wily white birds. Plus, it’s affordable, so it’s not a problem to shoot a lot. (; $220 per 250 rounds)

HEVI-Shot Hevi-Hammer 3.5” 

HEVI Shot Hevi Hammer Shot Shells
(HEVI Shot Hevi Hammer)

I’ll confess. I like modern steel shotshells; they’ve come a long way since 1991. And I’m absolutely in love with bismuth. So when HEVI-Shot stacked the two elements one on top of the other and poured the magical mixture into a 3-1/2” hull, I was all giggly. Introducing HEVI-Hammer, a steel/bismuth stacked load from HEVI-Shot, now available in a Big Boy Bullet 3-1/2” format. HEVI-Hammer is an 15/85 percent blend of bismuth pellets, with a density of 9.6 grams/cubic centimeter, overtop steel shot, which comes in at 7.8 g/cc. It’s the ultimate One-Two Punch that knocks snows for a loop. HEVI-Hammer 3-1/2” is available in shot sizes BB, #2 and #4. (; $44/25 rounds)

Federal Speed Shok Snow Goose

federal speed shok snow goose shot shell
(Federal Speed Shok Snow Goose shotshell)

It’s no secret that speed is deadly when it comes making an effective steel-based shotshell, and that’s what the talented minds at Federal Premium were thinking when they created Speed Shok Snow Goose. Clipping right along at 1,450 fps, these 3-inch loads of BB or #2 shot have exactly what it takes to reach and pluck white geese right out of the air. High performance sure-ignition primers and cleaner burning propellants means Old Reliable goes BANG every time you pull trigger, and lets you spend more time cleaning birds than cleaning guns. (; $27-29 per 25 rounds)


Final Approach LIVE Full Body Snows 

Final Approach Live FB snow goose decoy
(Final Approach Live FB snow goose decoy)

Gone are the days of paper plates and small white garbage bags. As most know, 21st Century snows have gotten wise to the decoy game, so your spread better look real or you’re in for a LONG day spent staring at the sky. Fortunately, Final Approach has the answer to achieving realism, thanks to their LIVE Full Body Snows. Carved by world champion Jamie Welch, these FA Snows feature a quick-set one-piece design and tail loops, along with an innovative ‘Zero Gravity’ motion system, lifelike poses, and ultra-durable paint. Each six pack contains two uprights, two long-neck feeders, and two short-neck feeders. (; $120/6 pack)

Dakota X-treme Snow Floaters

Dakota Decoy snow goose floater decoy
(Dakota Decoy snow goose floater decoy)

Bill Willroth’s catch phrase for his X-Treme Snow Floaters reads as follows: “This Spring, the snow goose migration stops here!” And based on the results ‘fowlers are having gunning over Willroth’s Dakota Decoys’ snow goose floaters, he’s likely on to something here. As waterfowl, it only makes sense to hunt the white birds where they feel most comfortable. Dakota’s X-Treme Snow Floaters make this easy, thanks to their self-righting weighted keels and “Ain’t Seen THAT Before!” natural body postures. The X-Treme Snow Floaters come in six packs, with three sleepers and three uprights. Blues are also available. (; $140 per 6)

Big Al’s X14 5-Pack Snow Silhouettes

Big Al's X14 Snow Goose Silhouettes
(Big Al's X14 Snow Goose Silhouettes)

Today, silhouette decoys are to goose hunting what Taylor Swift is to contemporary music. Yeah, I hate myself for writing that, but it’s true. Flat decoys are all the rage right now, and no one knows this more than Big Al of Big Al’s Decoys. Big Al makes putting together a monster spread of white flats easy, with his X-14 Snow Bulk 5-pack. Each group of 14 silhouettes features seven different poses, all on heavy-duty waterproof fluted plastic and supported by equally rugged powder coated black stakes. Multiple 14 by five, hence the ‘5-Pack,’ and you’re now working with 70 skinnies and a BIG footprint right where the birds want to be. (; $269 per 70)

Lucky Duck Flocker Rotary Machine (; $400)

lucky-duck-flocker-20-rotary decoy
(Lucky Duck flocker 20 rotary)

When it comes to snow goose spreads, the words ‘effective’ and ‘motion’ go hand in hand. Mother Nature, at times, takes care of that movement with a little bit of wind; other times, nothing. Nothing at all. For those no-wind days, Lucky Duck built their Flocker Rotary Machine. Powered by a 12-volt Deep Cycle battery (recommended/not included), the Flocker spins two flyer-style decoys on rugged 10-foot arms to simulate birds landing. Multiple units can be operated simultaneously via a handheld remote control unit. The Flocker works with most flyer-style decoys; however, the Lucky Duck Snow Spinner can easily be modified and attached to the unit. (; $400)


Dive Bomb DBT400 Knee Boots

Dive Bomb Knee Boots
(Dive Bomb Knee Boots)

Cody Stokes and his Dive Bomb Industries have a HUGE following, and with good reason. They make excellent waterfowling gear – and here’s the kicker – that’s obviously designed by men and women who hunt hard. Case in point: Dive Bomb’s DBT400 Knee Boots. It’s no secret that snow goose hunting is often a muddy mess, and these knee boots are just the ticket to keep your feet dry. The DBTs feature 400 grams of Thinsulate insulation, neoprene upper, comfortable foam midsole, and an aggressive gumbo-grabbing tread pattern designed to take the clown show out of trudging through the mud.  (; $145)


Sitka Nodak Bibs

Sitka Kodak Bibs
(Sitka Nodak Bibs)

I’ve said it before, but it’s worth saying again. Sitka has come a long, long way since their earliest inroads into the waterfowl apparel arena. Today, it’s obvious, or at least it is to me, that Sitka’s creative team hunts waterfowl, and as ‘fowlers, design gear they themselves would wear afield. Sitka’s Nodak Bibs are a prime example. Snow Goose hunters will love the white, which Sitka claims “mimics the color and ultraviolet reflectance profile of snow goose feathers.” Extremely waterproof; big two-way zippers; deep pockets; comfortable. The only thing I wish Sitka would change is the ‘S-Style’ suspender adjustment. Bring back the buckle! (; $249)


Dive Bomb Hy-Vert 

(Dive Bomb Hyvert Blind)

Looking for one of the uber-popular A-Frame style blinds with room enough for four guns? This is it. A panel blind that will fit nine comfortably? Yes, sir; look no further. Dive Bomb’s aptly-named HyVert Blind, meaning Hybrid Vertical, can quickly be transformed from an A-frame to a panel blind simply by opening it up, and all depending upon the specific ‘fowling situation. Plenty of amenities include integrated magnetic barrel rests; durable stubble straps; two closable dog doors; heavy-duty buckles; an easy lock-pin connection system; interior gear pouches; and an optional snow cover, perfect for those late-season field goose hunts. (; $545)

Banded/Avery Finisher Panel Blind

Avery finisher panel blind
(Avery Finisher Panel Blind)

The folks at Banded Holdings / Avery are no strangers when it comes to layout blinds. Their list of best-sellers is almost without end, and includes the Finisher, Ground Force, and perhaps the most versatile layout blind ever crafted, the popular Power Hunter. But for those who prefer not to lay prone, myself included, there’s the Finisher Panel Blind. Built around a lightweight aluminum frame, the Finisher Panel allows for the ultimate in mobility while providing exceptional concealment for up to four gunners. Multiple window ports offer excellent visibility; stubble straps make blending the Finisher into Mother Nature a breeze. (; $350)

Rig ‘Em Right Xtreme Ghillie layout

Rig-Em-RIght Xtreme Ghillie Blind
(Rig-Em-Right Xtreme Ghillie Blind)

Successful snow goose hunting, regardless of where it’s done, has a single common denominator, and that’s perfect concealment. If you ain’t hiding, it’s said, you ain’t shooting. Fortunately, Rig ‘Em Right’s Xtreme Ghillie layout blind makes becoming invisible a cinch. Unlike full frame layouts, RMR’s Ghillie features a quick-set angled/padded backrest and rain-resistant cover combined with interchangeable zip-on/off 3-D ghillie covers in White, Field Green, and Prairie Tan (only Prairie included), allowing hunters to match any field situation almost instantly. Low profile and lightweight at only 22 pounds, the Xtreme Ghillie is a game-changer. (; $300, $70 for Snow Cover)


Lucky Duck White Devil E-Caller (; $899)

Lucky Duck White Devil E Caller
(Lucky Duck White Devil E-Caller)

I’ve had the great fortune to see The Eagles, with the late Glenn Frey, in concert, and I’m pretty sure they weren’t running a sound system of the caliber of Lucky Duck’s White Devil E-Caller. The White Devil’s list of features read like The Who’s Who of Snow Goose Hunting, including a 100 percent wireless system; 100 preloaded sounds; 140 decibel capability; infinite speakers from one remote; 28 exclusive ‘snow goose’ sounds; 9-hour run time on high; protective silicon speaker/remote covers; and two lithium-polymer batteries with chargers. No, it’s not a matter of turn it on and watch ‘em spin, but it’s close. (; $899)

Bill Saunders’ Crackakilla Snow Goose

Bill Saunders Crackakilla snow goose call
(Bill Saunders Crackakilla snow goose call)

I know. Modern snow goose hunting is all about electric this and electric that, including multi-speaker (see above) sound systems; however, some guys prefer to go Old School and blow a mouth call, often to accompany said speakers. I’m a big fan of Bill Saunders’ ‘fowl calls, e.g. his Triple B short reed and Clutch single reed duck, along with his interestingly named Crackakilla snow goose call. This acrylic piece does it all from high-pitched barks to low-key ground noise, and with very little forward air pressure. (; $125)


Benchmade Flyway Waterfowl Knife 

Benchmade flyway knife
(Benchmade Flyway knife)

I have a lot of knives and only a handful I use regularly, so it was unfair I judged Benchmade’s new Flyway ‘fowl knife as just another blade. I was, I admit, quite wrong. The Flyway sports a 2.7” fixed blade, an overall length of 6.96”, and weighs just 2.1 ounces. My model has an olive-drab (OD) handle—a blaze orange handle is an option—and an extruded fire-retardant PVC/Acrylic alloy sheath. The blade, constructed of ‘super premium CPM-S90V’ steel, features notches on the spine meant to ensure precise control during use. Bottom line? She’s a dandy. (; $260)

Rig ‘Em Right Lowdown Backpack (; $140)

(Rig-Em-RIght Lowdown Backpack)

Like I told Jordan Murdoch, national sales manager for Rig ‘Em Right – “I never thought I’d switch from my original XXX Brand blind bag, but the Lowdown Backpack has changed all that.” There’s nothing not to like about the Lowdown. She has plenty of room for everything; good strong zippers; side pockets; a hard ‘glasses’ case perfect for storing headlamps; internal storage galore; clips; handles; you name it, and it’s there in spades. Plus, the padded straps make carrying my loaded pack, now weighing eight metric tons, comfortable. RMR owners, Matthew and Heather Cagle, have a winner here. (; $140)

MAVEN B1.2 10x42 binocular

(Maven B12 Binocular)

No, Maven’s B1.2 binocular doesn’t cost $200, BUT you have to decide. Do you want to go cheap, or do you want to see clearly? If it’s the latter, then spend nine bills and get quality optics that you can use not only for scouting snows and spying on the obvious yahoos in the next spread over, but big game, turkey hunting, or just simply looking at stuff up close. My 10x42s have all the bells ‘n whistles – Extra-low dispersion glass; fully-coated lenses; phase correction; weigh but 26.8 ounces; a lifetime warranty. Good call, Maven! (; $950)

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