Motion Decoys for Waterfowlers

Motion Decoys for Waterfowlers

From the most humble beginnings, when hunters tied and twisted cattails and tules into rudimentary shapes and slathered them liberally with mud and pigment, duck and goose decoys have evolved into extremely lifelike facsimiles. Twenty-first century decoys swim, quiver, wobble, flap, fly, dive, splash, vibrate and rotate. Men in blinds dozens of yards away control their every movement via string, wire or, in the most advanced instances, with the push of a button. From a distance, discerning fact from fraud can be all but impossible.

As for aesthetics, at no point in history have production waterfowl decoys looked more real. Texturing lends dimension to feathers, heads and feet, whereas in the past they were little more than flat, lifeless surfaces. Special paints, some designed to reflect levels of light invisible to humans but easily seen by sharp avian eyes, are painstakingly applied, perfectly mimicking Mother Nature's best work. Synthetic fibers -- flocking -- soften hard-edged plastics, while innovative keels, stands and stakes provide real-life motion. Waterfowl hunters take great pride in fake ducks and geese. And yet, these assembly-line creations are cold, soulless chunks of resin until we breathe life into them through a toss, a tug, a line, a loop, a clip or anchor. At season's end, we brush and bag them, and with reverence, perhaps, tuck them away in the recesses until the game begins anew.

Wonder Duck
Creating on-the-water motion has always proved problematic for waterfowlers wishing to rig up the ultimate illusion. Wonderduck Decoy Company has a solution. The Super Wonderduck Tornado Drake provides up to 25 hours of water-pushing service on just two D-cell batteries. And while other motion decoys might make waves, the Super Tornado actually moves just like a live duck -- paddling and spinning in a realistic fashion that mallards find irresistible. Weedless paddle feet are available for weed-choked waters.

CONTACT: Wonder Duck Decoys, (800) 876-1697,

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Deadly Decoys
Are windsocks taken to an entirely new level. Gone are the days when no wind meant limp, lifeless decoys. The revolutionary Backbone Support System is rugged yet lightweight and attaches permanently to the decoy stake to minimize spread deployment and collection time. The decoys feature incredibly lifelike 3-D heads in a variety of species, including Canada geese, snow geese, specklebellies and mallards.

CONTACT: Deadly Decoys, (563) 382-0530,

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Real Duck
If it looks real, chances are it's a Real Duck -- a deadly on-the-water attraction. Unlike traditional spinning-wing decoys, the Real Duck relies on a one-piece, rotating two-tone bar to produce the desired strobe-like effect. A fully contained motor and battery compartment ensure seasons of reliable performance. The drake mallard is most popular; however, bluebills, pintails and a goose decoy conversion kit are also available.

CONTACT: Real Duck, (888) 252-3388,

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Mojo Outdoors
The Mojo Mallard 2010 has magnetically connected PVC wings that turn faster, run quieter and provide longer battery life. The mallard is available as a drake or hen, and includes a 4-foot support pole, 6-volt battery, charger and charging adapter. The Mojo Gadwall features a direct-drive system that operates up to 16 hours on six AA batteries, as well as PVC superfast wings and a second and a half on/off timer. The Texas Style Decoy Rig uses heavy-duty 400-pound mono line, connected to the decoy by a snap that allows the decoy to slide naturally to the weight when picked up, with a loop in the upper end allowing a dozen to be secured by a simple caribiner. Picking up a decoy spread has never been easier.

CONTACT: Mojo Outdoors, (866) 216-6656,

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